Saturday, December 4, 2010

Easy Peasy Christmas .......Simple Funky Card 2...

I love making cards and try to have some spare ones on hand. These are quick and easy to make and if you collect some cheap embellishments at the after Christmas sales you will have a head start on next year.

I've been making these cards for a while now and its one of my favorites techniques to do although it can be messy.

you will need...

white card
oil pastels, metallic is good too, they are really creamy.
fixative or hairspray will do.

sewing machine [black thread looks good]
paint or gesso
sequin waste

Start by roughly scribbling a combination of 3 colors on your card.
use your fingers to smudge it out, i do the lighter colors first, don't over mix or will become muddy. Try combinations you wouldn't normally put together...
Smudge out the edges for a softer look too.

This one was done on shiny card and it smudged out more , i even did swirls in it. The others are on matt.
The above one has a rubon which took a lot of pressing to get to work, I don't think it liked the pastels.

Spray with fixative and watch how it it becomes more translucent.

Stitch around inside the rectangle, doesn't have to be perfect, but use a large stitch 3- 3.5.

With your sequin waste stencil a drift in paint or press the crayons in really hard for some lumpy bumpy :)

spray with fixative if you use the crayon. Be warned, this is messy , you will get little bits all over card , blow them off, don't try and wipe, I made a mess of the blue one and turned it into a tag:)

now add your embellishment and a sentiment if you wish....

you can some others ones ive made here and here......


I'm glad you all liked the pockets, i loved reading your comments and hope to see some soon......


Jacky said... them! Especially the santa one.

Jacky xox

Fiona said...

these are just fabbo Jen :)

Lesley said...

Oh Jenxo these are so wonderful. You were the one that got me onto pastels and sometimes I forget about them, this is a great idea.
I would think the pastels acted as a resist but glad it worked for you. I have some pockets to show you, I just had to make some. Just need to get some sparkly pipecleaners as we call them here. Don't have any in my stash.
Thanks again, this is fun.

jenny said...

Jen they are fabulous... gotta love oil pastels... love the effect of the sequin waste too :)))

Jenny x

kiwicarole said...

cute cards, I'm way behind everything this year! think I'll just crawl away and hide!! lol

Rossylalah said...

Hey Jen, Love these! I don't have any pastels (believe it or not!!) This could just push me to buy some hey!

Kathy said...

oooh lovely... always forget about the pastels.. lucky person that gets one.. thanks..xo

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

These are funky Jen, simple but sooo effective! Love 'em - TFS x

Jan x

~*~Patty S said...

turn my head and look what I've missed...I have not made one holiday card...time seems to be moving at warp speed