Thursday, December 9, 2010

Easy Peasy Christmas......Lacy Cards

If you are wondering wher i went too...... I have had a little enforced rest from the computer it appears that vodka and the keyboard don't mix :)not mine i might add...

Anyway heres another very easy card so grab out lacy scraps. I've used parts of crochet doily's, a lace edge hankie but you could also lace by the meter that can be cut into separate bits.

you need
blank card
paper, 2 different sorts.
lacy bits
a sewing machine[or pen], double sided sticky or glue stick and gel medium for the lace.

Cut your first paper a bit smaller all around than your card, then cut your second slightly smaller. I usually work out what I'm doing with my lace before i cut the second one so its a bit smaller than my shape.

Distress edges and ink.

Stitch top layer to bigger piece. Do all the stitching on this before attaching it to the card.

Now play around with different shapes. If you have some daisy lace then cut it up separately and lay in tree shape. Find a bigger piece for the base...cut it to a rough pot shape if it doesn't fit. The bigger doily's make lovely ornaments with a bit of stitching. If you don't stitch use a pen for the same effect.
Mark the lines lightly for the ornamnets and stitch up and down. Remember to use a large stitch.

I shouldve used black cotton but was too lazy to swap it over...

Glue on your lace.
Stick the whole lot to your card.

Remember the blue card i stuffed up , well i turned it into a tag, the crochet bits came off the edge and were only half circles.

There you go ....easy peasy!!
The lovely papers came from Kaiser, they are such good value these little books of lovely papers.

Stay tuned for my next tute .....doily baubles, they are beeeautiful [if i do say so myself!!!] and Spotlight has them at half price at the moment . I went to buy some more today but they had all gone :(

seems the girls at work liked them too...

and heres a little laugh for you, it certainly made me cackle...thanks Charlie..


jenny said...

Just beautiful Jen... love the tag too and fab video clip :)))

Jenny x

Doreen G said...

Cups of tea don't mix with keyboards either Jen.

Lesley said...

You crack me up girl. Hope the Vodka was good. Hehe
Your cards are just loverly Jen. Lots of inspiration....even tho I am not a frilly kind of gal.

Sherry Edwards said...

Another lovely tutorial! Love your lacey (or is it lacy) creations!

~*~Patty S said...

you have been busy Jen
Love your cards AND Charlie's flying ostrich too funny!