Thursday, June 11, 2009

some atc's to share...

from the recent alpha swap, which we are nearly at the end. Ive been doing an Australiana theme for mine but think i might be stuck for Z, so if anybody has any ideas????

this sweet image came from here. Always very generous with her freebie images....

I added the jingle to the back of the card and you should have heard all the girls at craft singing it while i arranged the words, was too funny :)

I painted this Wattle card very roughly with watercolors and then filled in with stitching.

and these from an Eiffle Tower swap, lots of dribbly paint and
Dots gorgeous braid was a perfect match

I have to say how much i love my epson printer, i can splodge paint all over the images and never get smudgy prints.


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

oooo Jen, so much lovely eye candy! I tried Vegemite once....perhaps need to give it another go sometime :)
Lovely colors and images, you've been busy!

Margaret said...

Jen these are gorgeous, the Vegemite made me smile as I've just taken delivery of two large pots from my friend's mum who was visiting last week! love the yellows, you've got great style! M