Sunday, June 14, 2009

no knit scarves....

I love doing these , but, be warned you have to have a sewing machine thats cooperative for working with water soluble plastic and suprisingly my pfaff [the most touchy of machines] actally handled it pretty well with just the ordinary straight stitch foot. got these gorgeous fibres in one hank from spotlight and the antique colored one was just crying out for some lacy bits to be added to it.

heres how you do it. [did the red one at craft on di's lovely long kitchen bench]

youll need water soluble plastic/paper [the length of your scarf less your fringing]
spray adhesive or quilt basting spray, pins, wool/fabric.

lay out you wsp and cut lengths of wool longer than your plastic to allow for fringe.
make it slightly wider than you want and spray plastic before you start laying wool on one side.

lightly spray with adhesive, fold over plastic and pin all over.

now wildy stitch all over [i stitched bug loopy circles on the bottom of the red one to finish it off]

sorry,neglected to take pics :(

just make sure you catch everything and dont worry about being neat, itll be fine once the plastic is off.

soak your scarf according the manufacturers instructions and trim up the fringe.

these scarves are a great way to use lots of different yarns and even fabrics and lace. ive now cut up all my crocheted doilys and merry gave some of her 'vintage' lace from her bridesmaid dresses to finish off the top one which ive just glued on!!

there are quite a few different types of wsp around and it seems to me that the dearer the plastic the better it sews. one year at craft to keep costs down we even used the water soluble laundry bags that the hospitals use, so if you could get your hands on those.............


Anonymous said...

these are great. what a clever idea - and much easier than knitting!

Dot said...

These are fantastic Jen! You are so clever. Love the colors you have chosen too.
Dot x

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

oooo I did get to try this once a few years ago, however, mine looked nothing like your gorgeous scraves = WOW Jen, really beautiful!!!!

Jacky said...

Stunning the colours! Will definately be looking for these henks when I'm at Spotlight next.
I have played around with the water soluble plastic with my trusty Bernina (which just seems to cope with anything I throw at it). Love the look of these scarves and might have to look out for the spray adhesive you're talking about. Not knowin any better I just used some glue stick (probably not too good for the machine in hindsight).

Jacky xox