Sunday, June 28, 2009

babies, cards and family stuff....

i went to my very first baby shower the other night which was rather a lot of fun.

I made this nappy/diaper cake [you can find any instructions for anything on youtube!]. It turned out quite big [and ott!] and we turned it into a game to guess the no of nappies. [69 of the smallest size if anyones making one!]
sorry the pics so dark, it was late in the day when i finished it. as we didnt know the sex of the baby,it was really hard to find a unisex ribbon for it and this wouldnt have been my first pick.

on the home front, we took charlie for an interview with the other exchange students down at melb uni. we found out this week that she has passed this round and has to go on a weekend camp next month. She will then find out which country she is going too. she will leave in jan next year and have up to 4 different families that she stays with. shell attend the same school and also go on a euro trip with the other exchange students for 3 weeks. what a great opportunity and experience for her. dont know if we will cope as well! :(

today we all went to see the Archibald prize at the local gallery. for those who you who dont know what this is its an art competiton where painters paint a portrait of a well known austalian. so lucky to have it here as it just stays in sydney and nsw.
my fave was the dame elisabeth murdoch one,you could just see the kindness, compassion and also tiredness in those eyes. and like most things they look heaps better in real life.

I also liked the peoples choice award too.[Patty, it was the little boy Brandon from the Australia Movie]
The gallery was just packed out with all ages, which was marvellous to see but also good for the town.

another thing i noticed is that paint dribbles are IN!!!


JaNs ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Wow, love those cards and nappy cake :) Well done Jen.

Diane said...

Hi Jen!
I love the cards & the cake. I'll have to check out the you tube video. Sounds like some very exciting times for your daughter. I wish her & all of you the very best in her endeavors.
Hugs, Diane

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Ooh such a fun and newsy blog post Jen! Very exciting for your daughter, what great adventures and learning experiences she has ahead of her!
I'd say your lovely cake looks good enough to eat....but I won't ;) It is so pretty and fluffy looking like icing *ggg* + your cards are precious, so clever and cute!
Now we just Loved the precious boy in Australia, what a fine little actor he was and such a beautiful young fellow too! I'm off to check out the link! I sing you to me ;)

Margaret said...

Love the new look on your Blog! very summery! must do something with mine at some stage ho hum... I love your cake, such fun to make and something to really use. Good luck to your daughter, what a great opportunity, let me know if she heads over this way, I can tell her where to buy the best chocolate! Mx

Kath K said...

Great cards and the cake is adorable..Congrats to Charlie..
what a wonderful opportunity and experience for her.. it sure will be a change for you too..
Blog looks great.. pretty flowers..glad you had such a great day for your b-day!!

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Jen - I've been reading blogs in Reader and lately have been slack about going to the actual blog to comment so I missed your lovely background - so whimsical and gorgeous, just love those beautiful baby cards (especially love that second one). All the best for your daughter - interesting times for the parents as much as the offspring!