Saturday, June 6, 2009

I decided before i left for Sydney that i would make a luggage tag from some fused plastic i had lying around. I had made a heap ages ago and because it was so looked boring i didn't do any more with it!

But it paints really well!!!! so i splattered on paint, lots of drips and splashes[ inspire by
Ruby] and then wildly stitched in black cotton. It was actually supposed to be daisy stitch but it gripped a bit on the gel medium and came out very random. Thought id stuffed it but on closer inspection , i really liked it and thought it looked like birds tracks! so i did more ;)
i stitched it to another layer of fp and wrote my details on the back in permanent marker.
some sparlky fibre, a few beads and i love it! being plastic its really durable too.

now i am inspired by Alisa Burke and Threadbanger [a really cool indie site that i spend too much time on...] to make some more and join it togteher, although a little make up purse would be cute.

the work trip was just that learnt lots and came back in two minds..... i can do it and freaked out!
i didnt see anything of sydney except traffic and a bit of greenery!

some atc's i have been fiddling about with , thanks too this
very generous artist
I found some canvas printer paper going out cheap and had fun splashing some paint around. I am really into dribbles at the moment![not the old lady kind!]
Lucy drew the mermaid tail for me, she"s really good at that kind of stuff and i like the way it goes backward. i cut up an atc with some lace on it to give her a 'scaly' tail.

Im a bit over wings but coudnt resist these sparkly silver ones....

The silver 'things' on the geisha are from some earings and i changed the color by rubbing some alcholol ink on .... it kinda looks like a lantern!


Margaret said...

I love all of these pieces, great backgrounds you've got going there!! I think I might just have to make an Alcohol ink purchase! I saw a demo the other day and was trying to resist the urge to buy but after seeing your ATC's'I think I'll just give in, fab!

Debbi Baker said...

These are very cool Jen! PS I did a class with Traci last year and while she is very full on it works really well "in-person" because she makes you let go and have fun without worrying about the result. I identified with your comments about the book although it is a good reference tool!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

your luggage tag is brilliant, I have been wanting to fuse some plastic....very inspiring Jen!
your ATCs are wonderful too, I am such a mermaid fancier (that IS a great tail ;) I like wings, wonderful eye candy!
glad I am finally getting around again on a little faster substitute computer while our regular one is being looked at...such a pain!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

me again... also wanted to say how gorgeous the colors are in this post = fabulous!

Catherine said...

These are so beautiful....the wings are the perfect touch! THANKS for sharing.