Saturday, February 7, 2009

fires raging....

Ive heard that Bendigo has lost 100 homes ,the Scweppes center and Spotlight [my work] and there are casualties.... I am very worried about a lot of workmates and their homes.

Dont know if its all true yet but we were so close to losing it all too , just that the wind went in the opposite direction and fanned it into the city.
*EDIT* I have since found out that the Scweppes center and spotlight complex is ok , but the fire burnt right to the back wall and it has soot and smoke damage. No one that i knew has suffered any loss but one poor person has died here. They still havent contained it and it was threatening a housing estate last i heard.

We could smell the smoke at work and at about 4.30 it got quite smoky inside the shop . It was the most awful day, ferocious winds and 45 c heat.

When i knocked off at 5pm we had to detour to get home.The roadblock was at the Schweppes center which an hour or so later was supposedly gone.

Hubby and Lucy went out to to feed and check on the horses and help John implement his fire plan.... They could see the fire not 1.5 kms away but the wind was blowing it away from them. We're about a km from there. If it had gotten into the bush, all this area would have gone up too. so scary, and im sad to say our fire plan was non existant. I gathered up all the photos and albums which were all over the house, but i was more concerned about how we get all our animals out.

It seems like most of the state is on fire with entire towns wiped out. It seems you know someone from every area and hope that they are safe. Lots of areas are without power too.... The fire burning around Beechworth could bring all a lot of victorias energy to a halt if it gets into the powerlines. These are just the worst fires , ever....
and in this economic climate it will be a long road back.

I so feel for all the people who have lost loved ones , their homes and animals.
And the loss of wildlife , specially the slower animals like Koalas , they dont have a chance.
Not that anyone or anything would because the wind just fanned it on so quickly. So far the death toll stands at 25 but sadly the authorities are expecting it to rise.

Keep safe everyone and hope our wonderful firies can get it under control.

And get your fire plan organised.

thats what i am doing today.


Deborah said...

I'm so sorry to hear this,I pray you and you family and neighbors wil be safe and I pray they get the fire under control and put out,and I pray for all that have lost family,homes and belongings,Hugs,Deb from PM

antikva said...

I'm so glad you're safe.

It's horrible isn't it, I feel so badly for everyone who lost homes and pets and all the wildlife.

So scary to know that only which way the wind blew meant it wasn't us.

Jenxo said...

Thank you both, you dont expect suburbia to burn but having so much bushland around the town you are always at risk. Its certainly been a wake up call for me. jenxo

Margaret said...

Jenxo my heart goes out to you, I still remember fires from NZ as a child and it is truly terrifying. I've been following the news from here and I hope and pray they bring it under control quickly, such a tragic loss of life. Keep safe Mx

Leslie said...

Praying for the people of Australia and that the fires will end soon. Also so sorry for the loss of life-both people and the animals.

I'm glad you and your family are ok and it's good to know you now have a fire plan--something I sure don't have and haven't really ever considered. We all just go through our daily lives as if we expect each one of them to be worry free. Thanks for pointing out that "you never know" and it is good to "have a plan".
Thoughts and prayers are with you and the people of Australia.


Diane said...

I've been hearing about the fires on the news. It sounds very bad. I am so glad you & your family are okay. We are praying for all the people that have lost homes or loved ones.
xo Diane

Anonymous said...

Im glad you are ok. I am watching the news this morning - it is horredous.

Robin said...

Jenn, I am praying you and your family and all of the people close to this.
I am scared for everyone!
Be safe and I hope they get it under control soon.
xoxo Robin

Sarah Schwerin said...

So glad to hear you and your family is safe. This is just such a horrible tragedy.

Just wanted to let you know that the links to TSQ are OK, but they are having website issues at the moment. Should be fixed soon, so keep trying. :)

Debbi Baker said...

Jen - I've been away a lot with work so I am very behind with my blog reading so I just got such a terrible shock to read this post. I just imagined you safe in suburbia. Such am awful awful time for Victoria and it is heartbreaking even from the other side of Australia so I can't imagine how terrible it must be for everyone, directly affected or not, in Vic. Thinking of you,

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Oh My Jen, you all continue to be in our prayers. Such a lot of stress and heartache for so many. So sorry you all are going thru this, Mother Nature can be quite harsh!
Here's hoping for better days head, cooler air and some well deserved relief for all. Take Care!