Sunday, February 22, 2009

so here i am, don't know where to start really....

first of all work.... I had a [paid] week off while the head beancounters decided what to do. While it was nice not having to go to work , the news each day was miserable. In the end i couldn't listen to any more of it.

Anyway, they have decided that we are getting the store refurbished, yey!

with heating and airconditioning [looks like its not going cost the million dollars they said it would!!!] funny that...

All the fabrics were written off and anything out of packets like bedlinen and curtains had to go.
I could've cried seeing all the quilting fabrics get loaded into the containers [and the felt and the dmc cottons].
So far this week we have filled 6 shipping containers of stock . I so hope its going to get resold off cheap somewhere and not dumped in landfill.
We are all exhausted as we have hauled and lugged and lifted and walked our legs and arms off.

First day back , OH+S said to us , go slow, have lots of breaks [we did!], then by wed all that was forgotten!!!

The plan is to move into the newly 'sterile' shop next door and set up a market type store on trestles for the three months while the original shop is being refurbished. We are supposed to be moving in Monday week but there is still so much to do. At the moment every piece of stock has to be cleaned and packed into boxes. You can imagine what fun that is:(

The good news for all of us is that we all get our weekends off till we go back to our normal roster.

oh and for any of the local girls reading this you can get your yellow bushfire ribbons from Lyndsays next door.

When i look at the map of where the fire went , it didn't end being anywhere near me. none of my craft girls were worried!

However but for that wind change, things might have been different.We had all left the store by 5.10 and there was smoke about and inside the store then. When the store manager came up to see everybody was out at 5.20, the house over the back was on fire along with our rubbish skips. How quick was that! The firies said that if the complex had gone so would've half of Bendigo, as it was, we lost 65 houses and one life.

There are no words to describe what has happened all over the rest of the state.
i just feel very sad for the families and animals who are suffering and in pain.

I do however feel very proud at the response of our services and community.

On a bright note, i received these gorgeous fabric atc's from
Dot last week.

I was blown away. They are just so beautiful and i have waited till i got the good camera back so i could do them justice. They are too lovely to be stored away and i will have to come up with some way of displaying them. They are just so full of life and color. This first ones a bit dark, the light was fading.

I keep pulling them out to look and find new things in them, Dot is definitely the 'encruster' [jacky's word!] of beads.

I love those trims and she sent me some, lucky me!


kelsey said...

Oh these atc's are just beady beautiful!!! Such cheerful colours too, sounds like you could do with it from your previous posts too. Fire doesn't have to damage things to ruin them. Smoke damage costs millions and it can seem a shame to throw something out that "looks" okay but stinks to high heaven!!!

Margaret said...

Hi Jen wonderful to have you back, my heart goes out to everyone involved. Gorgeous ATC's to bring a bit of cheer back into life.

Anonymous said...

well Im glad you kept your job - they didnt deicde to close or move the store. what a shame about all the fabric etc, i hope it didnt go into landfill too - surely they could have sold it off cheap as fire damaged? what a waste.
lovely ATCS very bright and cheery

Dot said...

Thankyou for your lovely words about my ATC's! I am so glad you liked them (and the ' encrusted' bits too he hee).

I am very glad that you get to keep your job but understand how heartbreaking it must be to see all that stock thrown out.

Keeping you in my thoughts that your family and home stays safe.

Take good care

Dot xx

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

How very beautiful those ATCs are giving you some happy colors to enjoy!

Hoping that everyone has a chance now to relax a bit not feeling threatened and in danger. It was difficult to watch the news even from far away.

Take good care, blessings to all!