Saturday, January 31, 2009

oh relief....

After 5 days of 4o + heat the cool change is coming in.....The poor air conditioner has been working overtime and its now having break too! Ive just opened the house up and its lovely to feel the breeze and fresh air.....
We had power cut at work on Friday, about 3.30 so we all got knock off early. It was pretty unbearable cos the coolers don't work very well at all. 45 that day!
While we have all been suffering its nothing compared to the firefighters fighting big fires down Gippsland way. I'm hoping this wind works with them and doesn't fan the flames and send it off in new directions.

I bought these lovely little finds at a market last week. I was picking all these rusty, colored Chinese coins when hubby came up and proudly announced that he would buff them up for me!!

Think he was a bit put out by my answer.....

Our town is quite rich in Chinese history from when they came over to make their fortunes in the gold rush days.

See these... they are milk tokens. I had never seen them and asked the seller what they were about. He said that in my grandmothers day, when they put money out under the empties for the milkman [horse and cart] , it would get stolen. So they had milk tokens instead.

Apparently thieves in those days weren't very lateral because they didn't steal them...... ;)

I have been doing some odd bits and pieces but cant show yet.
My work roster has also increased by 3hrs a week and so this means i have lost my day off to play!:( worse still its a 12-3 shift, what a waste of a day!] I am trying very hard to be positive and grateful seeing as how people all over the world are losing their jobs but i would have been happy to give it to someone who really needed the hours.

Unfortunately my boss did not see it that way!

The other sad news is that "feral beryl" [aka lulu the whippet pup] has chewed through the lead on my sewing machine which i had just got back from the repair guy!!

But to finish on a bright note hubby and i celebrated 20yrs of marriage this week and in typical hubby fashion presented me with choccies and flowers a day early cos he couldn't remember the date. At least he was early!!!


Diane said...

Great find there, Jen. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary. We just celebrated 38 years yesterday...YIKES!

antikva said...

Oooh! pretty shiny things.What a good find!
I've stopped going to the market at the moment as it's way too hot. I don't think I've gone anywhere except the shop for loo paper :-)

Happy anniversary :-)

Kath K said...

those tokens look great..can see possibilities there... glad to hear it's abit cooler there.. it's actually abit warmer
congrats on 20 years!!
sorry about the 3 hours.. does seem like a waste of time.. but at the same time.. you're right.. with the jobless rate skyrocketing everywhere.. we are lucky..(just doesn't feel like it some

Diane said...

HI Jen, I have given you a blog award. Please see my blog for details.
xo Diane

Jacky said...

What wonderful finds those coins and milk tokens are. I went to College over in Bendigo (many years ago!!!). I wish I had been a collector then.
20 years...congratulations and isnt hubby thoughtful.

Margaret said...

Congratulations on your 20th ani!! love the tokens, remind me of the ones we had in NZ, I think they were plastic and different colours for milk, cream etc can't wait to see what you're going to do with them!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Better early than not at all, that only happened here once many years ago, poor guy is still living that one down. Happy Happy Anniversary, 20 years is certainly something to celebrate!

Sorry for you all cooking in the heat, if only we could send you a little chilly air, we have plenty!

Too funny about your husband wanting to shine up your coins, he's still learning I take it ;)

Stay cool and what a naughty puppy!

antikva said...

Hope everything is ok where you are.