Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some lusciousness…….

Made my Christmas cake yesterday, should have been made 2 months ago but at least its not the day before Christmas like a few years ago!

It’s a chocolate fruit cake soaked with lots of orange liqueur. You brush it on, have sip and brush it on, have a sip, brush on some more, sip some more, you get the picture!

I slept very well last night.

I made two so I have one to take over to the farm at Christmas. My sil is rather a fan; she shares my tastes in alcohol and chocolate.

While I was sipping and brushing, I made these 4 atc’s for a house challenge on a forum I am a member of.

Think I went overboard with the glitter on the pinky ones but it is Christmas after all.

No fabric and no stitching but lots of glitter!!!

The first two i have for trade, if anyone wants to trade, ema me.i am not in hurry if you dont have any cards to trade just yet.

Just noticed that the scanner has chopped all the feet off, they do really have feet!!!

nd my finished cakes...look a bit decadent, dont they? i love pecans specially choccy coated.


Kath K said...

oooh that looks absolutely fab.. pecans & chocolate.. my fav's.. orange liquer sure wouldn't hurt either..glad you slept
love the ATC's too.. especially baby it's cold outside.. wanna trade something??

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your cakes look and sound for the for the cook, seems sound cooking to me :) HoHoHo

I would Love to trade ATCs, let me know what's available :) oxo

Mar said...

these cakes look scrumptious!
the artwork too

merry christmas

Leslie said...

Yummy looking cakes! I'm a fan of chocolate too! If I'm going to have some spirits, I like good ole beer! Not much on the heavy stuff-but I do like some good champagne every now and again or mimosas-yummy!

Thanks for your visit and Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Leslie said...

Oh, forgot to mention that your cards are beautiful-one can never have enough glitter-no never!


Diane said...

Oh, good heavens, that cake looks fabulous! I love all the ATC's!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Debbi Baker said...

I agree with everyone else Jen!! The cakes look and sound absolutely divine and the ATCs are gorgeous. I just caught up looking at the last batches of Christmas cards as well and they are fantastic - I love the whimsy!! PS I too share your "tastes"!!

Viola said...

Gorgeous ATCs! Merry Christmas! :o)

Dot said...

Oh your Christmas cake looks delicious!

Your house ATC's are lovely too.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Take good care

Dot xx

Melinda Cornish said...

the ornaments are so sweet and the cake sounds great! Love the Christmas pictures too! Happy New Year!!!! Melinda