Wednesday, December 3, 2008

loooong post....

Well i dont where to start, its been so long since i have posted but here goes.....

Its been pretty busy round here with 2 girls getting ready to go to a schools major fashion event at Cobram on Friday. I was asked by C's teacher to go up on the bus and have taken the day off work to be one of the parent helpers. One of C's friends has put me in charge of the videoing, something of a worry considering how L's ag art one turned out!!! she's seen that one too!

Charlie is entering her teatowel dress as Queen of the Outback. She has made a crown with native flowers from the NT [from tourist tea towels] and done some lovely beading. To go with it she also dyed up some plastic gloves. I think she's going to do the Queens little wave as she leaves the catwalk!

Shes also entered some jammies she has made . To go with them , she has done a little 'ted' bat!!his name is Ross!! she got the pattern from a book at school so i dont know who the designer but i think he's just gorgeous, i love his little wings.....

She also wanted some slippers to go with it. She took some wool to school and came home with these. Arent they cool? they are meant to be two left feet.

It amazes me how kids these days just have that 'i am going to do that and just do it! no second thoughts , no doubt , i can and i will! I know not every kid is like that but i also work with lots of youngsters and they really all have this can do attitude to life. wonderful!

Both my girls have also been very to lucky to have this wonderful textiles teacher who lets them make what they want and encourage them!!!!

And Lucy??? well luce is still making 5 items to be entered. I havent seen my kitchen table top for weeks!!! However she has finished this horse to enter in the recycled section. Its made from an old towel and she made the pattern herself. I was very impressed cos it has a gusset and she worked it all out herself. I love his big eyes!

She has also been paper mache-ing a dress form and tying buttons into plastic [could be interesting!!!]

i have been busy working. lots of overtime and fitting in some making. They are all for pressies so i cant show you for a little while.

However i have recieved some lovely pressies in the mail.
My friend Les in Canada sent me a paper bag album in early sept. When it didnt arrive she made me another one. I ended up getting both of them in the mail in one week!!! She has put so much work into them and i am still finding things she has filled the pockets with!!I love them both.....

As part of a secret santa swap i recieved this cute little angel from Jan in England.
Jan, my craft girls fell in love and were figuring out the pattern and how to make her this morning!!

Speaking of craft, i will leave you with some pics of Merrys lovely home. i was doing alot of ooohing and ahhhing this morning, it looks so lovely.
We wont even have tree this year cos the pup will chew up all the decs!!!
Merry has lots of collections, see her mincers on the shelf

She has a few of these old dentists chairs in her family room.

Her side yard and beautiful garden, remember the old telephone boxes! i do, must be showing my age!

We are sooo lucky to be able to have craft here.....

til next time Jenxo


Belle said...

Wow. I am in awe of your talent. All you ladies who Art so well. Amazing.
Really beautiful.

Jacky said...

Looove your long post... you and the girls have been VERY busy!!!

Your paper bag books are beautiful. Mail from Canada can be very erratic. I am in a fabric book round robin and the girl who sends from Canada sent three about 3 months ago and two more recently. For some reason the one sent last arrived first and the one sent three months ago has just arrived!!! Figure that out.... lucky you though, you now have 2 gorgeous paper bag books.
Take care Jen and enjoy the upcoming fashion shows - the girls contributions look amazing!!!

Diane said...

That was a great post! I love the crown! She did a wonderful job. Also the slippers & the little horse....adorable! I love hearing about that I "can do" attitude. I was never like that as a child or an adult. My husband, on the other hand, thinks exactly like the kids. He never thinks for a moment that he can't accomplish what he sets out to do. I love hearing that so many children also think along those lines. It sounds like you have a very busy household!
Also...Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving your nice comments.
Hugs, Diane

Leslie said...

So much creativity in one spot! Each item so nicely crafted! It's all quite beautiful!



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