Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tickled pink....

We had a great day at Cobram yesterday. On the bus at 6.15 [after 4 hrs sleep!!, thats a whole other story!] and home at 1.30. Another 5 hrs sleep and i am so raring to go.... NOT!!!
It was bit of a shame for Luce tho, she has been sick all week with a nasty cold and was unable to go.
Anyhow, there was lots of very talented young designers there and the fashion pde was a brilliant finish to the night.
Heres the results....

Charlies Pjs.... First

The judges asked her lots of question about how she did the screenprinting and felting. This was her design on the jammies and hubby showed her how to screenprint.

Charlies Queen of the outback.... Third prize

Lucy's battle for balance.... First prize!!
modelled here by the lovely Becka.....

Poor Becka , it was so hot and she had a huge wait. She couldnt sit down and she was a lather when we finally peeled it off her.

At the fashion pde in the evening, she walked down the stage and banged the stick into the ground....

........It snapped in half!!!!!

The audience roared and then she picked them up , turned around and threw both arms in the air, The audience loved it, she couldnt have rehearsed it better!!!!!
It was so funny, poor girl , she was really embarassed about it but thats ok , now i can get it out of my laundry!!!!!

Becka did well too, getting third for one of her lovely dresses.

There was so many other interesting outfits there too. i loved the calico section.... Doesnt Abby look a picture in her beetroot/ leaf and tea and coffee dyed creation, love her handmade roses and sweet hat.

Becka looking all glammed up to go to the races.......

Loved this dress of Belindas, she pulled a silk flower to pieces and stitched it on.... got 3rd too.

Overall our school did really well and their teacher was pretty thrilled with the results. I had a great time checking out the outfits and the design folios, they were absolutely amazing, i wish i had half their painting and drawing talent.

Couldnt get over how green Cobram was , and they had their sprinklers on at the school later in the evening.

Sprinklers , what are they?????? havent seen them for a number of years.
Poor little kids around here wouldnt know what it what was like to cool off under them in the summer!!!

The jacarandas were out too and they were just glorious. wish i had taken a pic....
[Unfortunately , i spent a bit of time outside running backwards and forward and the 'itchies' [ as everyone calls them!] have reappeared, not that they have ever gone , but i was hoping.....]

cheers jenxo


Leslie said...

Lovely creations-all of them! Sounds like a wonderful parade and fun for everyone.

Thanks for sharing,


Jacky said...

Wow, great designs from the girls. The fashion parade looks amazing - a lot of talent!

Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful photos and congratulate your girls... well done!!!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Such a fascinating post, congrats to all the girls, how exciting and what beautiful outfits = very creative! What pray tell are the itchies....
We are chilly and wet here in Virginia ;)