Sunday, October 19, 2008

lovely Sunday....

what a beautiful day it has been. I dont know where spring has gone, it seems to have just jumped into summer.

Apart for doing washing, i spent this afternoon making my 'let it go ' quilt!

Its my SIL's 50th next weekend and i needed something quick to make for her. She is a more traditional quilter and makes quilts for everyone else so i thought i would do one for her. I hate traditional quilt making, all that correct cutting drives me nuts, i had enough trouble getting my felted atcs square.... even with the help of a rotary cutter and quilting rule!

I've been folowing
Calamity Kim and her 'what if ' quilt and decided that i would give it a go. However , while i was making it, i kept saying let it go, let go of all those pre-concieved notions and try and free myself up.

I used up a bits of curtain laces, doilies, part of a beautiful lace collar and and even an old tablecloth. I layed down a base piece of curtain that still had the hem on it. I was about to cut it off and then had a ligtblub moment. It would make a great hanger, so it became the top instead. I cut lots of different flowers and leaves from curtain fabric and down they went too.
I just used basting spray to hold everything down while i stitched. Had awful trouble with my machine, didnt think i was going to get anything done. It was only when i put the cheap thread on that it worked, that was after i had bought 3 new reels of embroidery thread! go figure

its all stitched down now, need to add some final touches like some beads and hand embroidery, which i can do at night. Needs a bird or a butterfly too i think?


Debbi Baker said...

Love the quilt and reckon either a bird or butterfly would look great - probably tend more to the butterfly. Smart thinking about using the hem - must remember that!

Sami said...

That's amazing! I vote for a butterfly too. I'm a 'paper' person, but will definitely cross over to try this! I've got an old curtain somewhere amongst my stash.....TFS B-) Sami

Vicky said...

Hi Jen, I just came over to thank you for the lovely comment you posted at Inkurable Stampers, & I went to Paperific too on the Sunday, I wish I had met up with you , I`d have traded ATCs, though mine are strictly paper/card/embis, but after seeing your work, I`ll be giving fabric a go LOL. & I think a hummingbird would look great on your beautiful quilt...cheers

Jacky said...

Fantastic...I love all of those pieces of lace - great effect.
I think your SIL will be most impressed!