Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 new atc's...

So i should be cleaning out the fridge [got it half done!] and the shower but instead I am taking photos and blogging!!! i have a very short attention span when it comes to housework these days!!!

These two i am taking to Paperific for the atc trade there. Should be fun although i have never done any thing like that before!
The background is tissue paper scrunched and glued and then water soluble crayons to color. The images are from a Gaby Braun collage sheet. they are such beautiful colors and i printed them out on some vietnamese paper.
Can you see the brown flakes down the edge? i found a container on our fridge full of interesting stuff, looked like toffee flakes. Turned out it was Shellac! Bonus! So i flaked it some more and gelled it on.
I also couldnt find an embellishment for the sides but on my way to work , walked thru the these elm blossoms. They are all dry and papery and were perfect!

Anyhow, if they dont go they will be up for trade Friday night!!

the black around the edge of this pic is a scrap from the soot technique, using a weeties box!


Debbi Baker said...

I guess it would be way too much to hope you didn't find fellow traders at Paperfic? I am always up for a trade!! And I hope you had a great time - I haven't managed to get over for a Paperific for a few years now but that is because I started attending retreats and the budget only stretches to so many insterstate flights a year! Love all your recent posts too by the way,

Kath K said...

lol am with Debbi.. did you bring them home again? I know who else would love them..
love the dresses..on previous posts.. such originality.. so much fun..

Jacky said...

I bet these gorgeous ATC's were snapped up at Paperific - they are lovely Jen and I love the asian theme too.
Maybe you Deb and I might have to do an ATC swap?
Hope you had fun at Paperific, I didnt get there this year, but hopefully will get there again next year.