Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a bit more.....

I was able to get a quite a bit more done on my quilt today.
I used Merry's machine at craft and free motioned away. I really enjoy doing that. Its very new to me but i am very good at doing loops!!!!

Sewed a few beads on too but this afternoon i made fabric beads. [I am thinking of putting a 'fringing arrangement' on the bottom.]It was so very relaxing and then I made a big mess embossing them with micro beads [bought really cheap from Paperific ] and clear utee. Not sure if they are going to look too heavy but i can always them for something else. I love just the lace ones too. There are so many options for these like wrapping text or wire around but being pressed for time [have to work tomorrow] these will have to do.

Then again i may use the non-embossed ones!!! Hmmmm.

Still havent decided on a bird, butterfly or hummingbird yet either......


Viola said...

Looks so great! :o)

Jacky said...

Love your new quilt Jen! I love the free motion stitching too (but I am afraid I am not as good as you at the loops *sigh* need to practice, but my machine is in need of a service....after over 20 years!)

Your fabric beads look great. Cant wait to see them in your art.

Jacky xox

p.s. re: your comment left on my blog, I didnt receive your email last week, so please resend when you have a minute.