Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween everyone....

Not that its a big deal here but we usually get a few trick or treaters and this year i actually have something for them!

Have had a dreadful week here with an allergy that has me covered from head to toe. It was going but has flared up today again, i am so sick of scratching. I have used every lotion and potion in the house this week and even been raiding the pantry as olive oil is quite soothing LOL!

We had a great time at my sil's 50th but i spent the day indoors with people paying me visits. It wasnt too bad tho because i got to sit under the air con!
I ended up buying my Sil a pressie because the allergy tablets made me so tired and i just didnt have the energy to finish it. i also ended up havng to work on the thursday. I will still finish it though and send it to her, it will just be late, oh well.

I did make this quick atc on wed for a choclate challenge on one of my online forums. I used the wrap from some cadbury's choccie and my favourite baby image. The little black wings are from Scraptivate and were on my my wishlist from Paperific. I got some beautiful swan wing ones too and a border as well.

'Chocolate angel'

The pic at the top is one of my prim babies waiting for her head to be attatched. Thought it was kind of appropriate for Halloween! bye jenxo


Kath K said...

aww I love your chocolate card.. one of my favorite bars too..

Jacky said...

Hi Jen, I love your chocolate ATC...very innovative using the wrapper from the chocolate!!!

My ATC arrived today - THANK YOU! What a wonderful surprise to find my Asian themed ATC from you and soooo beautifully packaged too.

You will see yours by the end of the week (or with Cup Day... maybe early next week?).

Hope your allergy has cleared up. Try Lucas's Paw Paw ointment, it seems to help everything.

Jacky xox

kelsey said... the use of the little black wings too!

Diane said...

That is adorable!