Saturday, November 8, 2008

Been feeling a bit neglectful of my blog this week. This spring allergy is being very stubborn but i think its starting to go now! We had some wonderful rain yesterday so that should help with the pollens too.

Apart from working, eating [lots... a side effect of the tablets, unfortunately] and going to bed early [another side effect] i am not getting much making done! However i did finally finish these two atc's for an image transfer swap.
The pics had been printed onto glossy photo paper and then i sprayed them with water and pressed them face down onto calico. Burnished them and peeled them off. They worked really well and i like the ghost like images left on the original pics too.
For the backgrounds i used Twinkling h2 o's left to go really syrupy so you get that rich metallic effect. They look a lot richer than my pics.

My original image transfer cards got lost in the mail although i suspect they may not have made thru customs as they contained vegetable matter.
For these i spent a very enjoyable afternoon, smashing flowers! It wasnt so good for the little green caterpillar unfortunately!
I found watercolor paper worked the best and layed it on a firm padded surface.
[used corrugated cardboard covered with glad wrap from my wet felting] Layed the flowers face down and covered with baking paper. Then you smash away with a rubber mallet or i used the end of my wooden rolling pin. I did this a little while ago and there werent many flowers out but i am really keen to try it again now that my garden is in bloom. Plenty of weeds too seeing as how i dont spend any time outside at the moment!
Juicy type flowers worked best and the grape hyacinths literally exploded and left behind little dark seedy bits which looked wonderful. Then i touched up a few areas with my water soluble crayons. This technique apparently works well on fabric too but i have yet to try that too. I actually found this in the Aust Womens weekly a few months ago [the one with olivia nj on the cover!}

Sample backgrounds....


Debbi Baker said...

Hi Jen - Your ATCs all look terrific! Love the transfers - very dreamy. Sorry to hear about your allergy - sounds awful.

PS I posted your Oriental ATCs on Thursday so they should get to you tomorrow hopefully.

Jacky said...

The ATC's look great, I love the transfer techniques. I always put off trying new things, but I do love the photo image transfers, so might give them a go (when I get some ink for my printer that is!!!).

Thanks for my Oriental ATC from our is gorgeous!!! I put mine in the mail today so you should see them soon.

Kath K said...

hi Jen.. great cards.. love the soft look of the transfers.. and the beautiful colors in the smashed flowers.. will have to wait till the snow goes away for those..
this is the 3rd time I've tried to post and it won't let me.. am getting really frustrated

Diane said...

Hi Jen,
I love the image transfers & the backgrounds. I am wondering what kind of glossy photo paper you used on these. It seems like this doesn't work on all glossy photo paper. I have some now that works very well but I don't have a clue as to who made it. I've had it for years. Some people in my ink jet yahoo group are looking for a paper that will work for water transfers. Also...thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving nice comments.

Dot said...

Really lovely cards Jen.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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