Saturday, November 26, 2011

busy and healthy :)

Its been a bit up and down the last few weeks with 2 trips to emergency and a misdiagnosis thanks goodness. The good news is i dont have angina [freaking out at 51!!!!] but a hernia, which i can live with...
the other good news is that it got me out of a really stressful job into one which lets me sleep at all is good :)

So into production Jenny and i have gone. I've made button fairies and got some lineny ornies on the go......we are hoping to have a very Christmassy and festive stall The Square Market Sunday the 11th DEC.

and for you local girls you can print off our voucher for 10% discount. It will also be available on our pink possum and facebook page.

I've loved reading all your animal rescue comments too.....

One of the lovliest dog rescues happend at work a few years ago. we discovered a german shpeherd puupy living under the shop. we all fed it for about a week as it would come out a little bit and then run back in. finally, it was caught and faye took her home and called her jewel. she was very timid but grew into a lovely dog. when she went to the vet to have her shots they couldnt find a microchip so with faye she stayed. Then when she was bit older, she was taken into be spayed they found the micro chip using a different machine. her owners lived not far away from the store and the vet had to legally notify them. you can imagine how upset faye and her hubby were. they offered the owners money but no they wanted her. she went off to live in this house of wild kids and other big dogs.[these people were what we would call puppy farmers].
But wait..... theres a happy ending....after a few months they rang faye to collect her. she wasnt the same dog that returned home, timid and scared but she ran up the verandah and jumped in her bed, so happy to be home. Faye said she is doing much better but it was pretty obvious she had been mistreated. some people dont deserve to have their animals...or kids for that matter.

oh and Marco [Polo.....get it !!!!]the ferret has settled in really well too.

I have slowly been getting around for a big blog catch up too as we were on choke speed for nearly 2 weeks last month but never again . ive upped the gig so we can all watch and read what we want...not that there will be much of that the next two weeks :(


Jenny said...

Lovely post Jen... so glad you are feeling better... your ornies are gorgeous... and lovely to read about Jewel... I never knew the last part... that the owners were located... thank goodness she is back with Faye now :))

Jenny x

shirley said...

The ornies are cute Jen!
So glad those cruel people gave the dog to your happy endings :)
Good luck with the market and look after your glad it was not too serious.

Jacky said...

Jen your Christmas ornaments are gorgeous! Sounds like its going to be a great Christmas Market for you and you and Jenny.

Nice to see you're getting into the Christmas spirit so early.

Jacky xox

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Sorry to hear you have been having a rough time health-wise Jen...Glad to hear that you are bouncing back and out of your stressful job now!! x
Your button fairies and ornies are all FAB! I still have the sweet lil button fairy you made for me, hanging in my craft room :)
Have lots of fun with Jenny at the craft fair... :)
...and it was nice to hear that your friend got the dog back.. poor little mite..It's sickening to hear of people mistreating animals! Hope Jewel enjoys her life now, with someone that cares for her!
Take Care Jen!
Jan x

~*~Patty S said...

SO happy to hear things are looking up for you dear one
Not a happy time when the doctor's do not know what's going on!!!
Glad for a much better outcome on that!
Your button fairies are so precious...wouldn't it be fun to get to visit you and Jenny at your show!
Dreaming in Virginia :)

Sherry Edwards said...

Congratulations on getting your market stall Jen, it's bound to be a success with all your wonderful creations on it.

I'm glad to hear your health scare turned out not to be as serious as first thought.

Look forward to hearing about (and seeing pics) of the Christmas market xxx

carole brungar said...

Goodness, did I miss something? Have you got a new job now? I am sure pleased you are feeling better and it's nothing serious.
Good luck for your stall!!!

Lesley said...

Hi Jenxo,
wow what a post, so glad the doggie is back with Faye, sounds like the dog is in a much better place. I agree some peeps shoud not own animals. We clearly see it close by us.
Love the ornies.
So glad you are feeling better and the job is less stressful. We don't need stress at any age.
Thanks for dropping by recently and good luck to you and Jenny at the market.
Les xo

Anonymous said...

hey... snap!!
yep, doily are sooo in. Every one loved them at the market so I hope yours go off as well.

My goodness the puppy farm story was hard to read - some people just should not have dogs - or kids - should be a license to have both, I reckon. So glad it was a happy ending....

I always said the day I end up in jail will be the day I take on someone mistreating an animal..