Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brisbane part 2.

I cant believe how quickly this year has flown by. It hardly seems like any time since Charlie flew out and she'll be home in less than 8 weeks :)
Its just started snowing in Denmark while we have hit the hot weather finally. Although i cant say I'm looking forward to going to work in our big tin shed :(
These are the only pics i took in Brisbane on the first day. Lynne picked us up from the airport and we drove to Paddington to spend the day , what a lovely day that was. We found the handmade shop Jen was looking for by accident and then found this beautiful Mosaic seat overlooking this gorgeous view .... this is Lynne, Jen and i were taking pics :)

the view from seat.....

It is not unlike the one the kidlets helped tile, out at the Bendigo Pottery, a [long ]while ago...look at them...aren't they cuties!! Hubby's campus was at the pottery and they had a big wood kiln which took days to fire. He used to take the kids out for sleepovers all weekend, they loved it as you can see....Mum used to love it too ;)
Its all been pulled down now which is a shame. I snagged this photo from Charlies old scrapbook, and her page with her lovely writing and 'mosaicing' down the side :) her scrap style has changed quite a bit since then :)

Gone Dotti was a wonderful shop with the most lovely handcrafted lovelies from Australia. We spent ages in there looking... and buying.... and Megan the owner was absolutely delightful. It was one of those teeny tiny shops crammed to the hilt, you didn't want to miss anything... so we walked around again and again :) i loved these rings made from the ends of teaspoons.

We then spent the day wandering around collecting napkins[we found heaps of different ones] shopping and eating in delightful eateries.

We got incredibly lost on our way to the motel that evening , [ a reoccurring theme !]thanks to all the roadworks and the gps trying to send us out of town. Poor Lynne nearly had a heart attack when she turned into two lanes of one way traffic.... (( not good!

view from motel across the river. Brisbane is a very pretty city....

The reason we went to Brisbane was to attend the Gutsy girls art camp. I have been following Jilly's blog for ages and been a big admire of her artwork so jumped a ta chance to do one with her. She and Ngaire were wonderful specially as we were late... again....[no signage and out of date map lol] we had such a great day painting and prepping and completing pages that i didn't even get the camera out ! Jens got some pics on her blog tho! Just as we were leaving i felt sick, just like that .....i didn't want to do a repeat of the woman on the bus so asked for a rubbish ice cream container to take lol. I felt like an idiot but i didnt need them thank goodness.. However, by the time we got to the Motel, i had a fever and chills and that was the end of me.

We did bit of shopping in Brisbane the next day and i snapped a pic of the jacarandas... arent they glorious?
and look at the yellow bikes...cute!

We went to the Stitches and Craft show but i kept the seats warm in the coffee lounges mostly! We then went back to Lynnes on the Sunshine Coast.
By that night i was very sick and really didn't get out of bed much for the next two days. I was glad Jen got to catch up with her family and i hope Lynne fumigated her house thoroughly :) My room had a lovely view overlooking the lake with some ducks so i could console myself a bit.
I was very lucky i had two great friends looking after me cos i had no energy and had never felt so sick in all my life. The fevers and chills did not stop for 5 days and i had to take time off work but i did bounce back pretty quickly once the antibiotics kicked in.

All in all we did have lots of laughs some lovely food and a fun class so it wasn't all bad.

Life is very busy at the moment, especially with work [why DO people have to have it for Christmas?] but i am finding time to make some Christmas things ....i am way behind in some of my challenges but i figure theres always next year :)

Have a wonderful week.......


jenny said...

Oh yes was trip we will always remember I think...
Just love the pic of the girls with their gorgeous mosaic seat tiling and a snapshot of Charlie's scrapbook...what a wonderful keepsake
The warm weather has finally found us :)))

Jenny x

~*~Patty S said...

After your bumpy and barfy start to Brisbane...I thought Part 2 was going to be much better and it was for the most part...such a shame you got sick dear Jen...hated hearing that!
This will be a trip to remember for certain.
Lovely mosaic couch with the darling girls on's now wonder your Charlie's is such a talent...she has two very gifted parents!
And those Jacaranda trees....oooh what a sight those must be in person!

Melinda Cornish said...

oh man, I cant believe you got sick......dont ya hate that? The bench is so pretty and I love the picture with the yellow bikes....The year has flown by.....