Sunday, November 7, 2010

brisbane part 1

just to let you know i haven't dropped the face of the earth!

i went to Brisbane a couple of weekends ago to do the Gutsy girls art camp.

It was a very eventful trip. It started before we left. Jenny and i had been planning and looking forward to it for months!

5 whole days in Brisbane......

The night before we fly out i hear from Jenny saying she may not be able to go. We decide to wait til 5am next morning to see!

Get text, shes going, whoo!!

We take airport bus to airport.

have whole[mini] bus to ourselves........

til sick lady gets on half hr into trip.

about half hr from melb she is looking very green.

i ask if she is ok?

no answer(((

5 Min's later she throws up everywhere.

bus does not stop.

Jen and i have legs up and bums as close to windows as possible as spew runs down the aisle !

itsa very small bus...

bus does not stop

still vomiting.....

bus stops !!!!!

Jen and i are dry retching and dive off bus.

we are all standing on side of road gulping fresh air trying not be sick.

Bus driver stands around.

Jen asks if he has anything to clean up?

some tissues says he.

Jen says she has paper towel in her bag [thanks to art camp!] and braves bus to get bag.

bus driver stands back like he expects her to clean up.

Jen dumps towel on step and says here you are :)))

driver drops towel and tissues over spew and says that's all he can do , nothing to clean it up (((((

we all pile back on bus dreading last half hour into airport

try to open windows .......

they are glued shut.

all except drivers, who has his wide open thank goodness.

sick woman sits in back of bus and vomits some more[into bag that driver miraculously had]

with hands over noses and trying not to vomit we make it to airport and dive off bus :)

sick lady is flying to Cairns, so she would've had a dreadful trip.

Jen and i check in and first thing we did was head for was coffee and toast to settle those queasy stomachs.

and it pretty much went downhill from there, well for me anyway!


Fiona said...

oh no, what a shocker!! Hope things have picked up for you from there....

Doreen G said...

I hope things got better in Brisbane

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

OMG Jen!! Hope the rest of your trip improved after the sickly start!!!
Jan x

Dot said...

Oh Jen- how awful! Can't understand the bus driver's attitude either. He should have thought about his other passengers and stopped as soon as he heard the lady being ill. You poor thing - what a horrible thing to happen. I am hoping the rest of your trip was better.

Diane said...

That sounds bad, Jen. What's up with that driver's attitude??
I hope all got better from there on. xoxo Diane

Oxana said...

Hi Jen! I hope things got better the rest of your trip!

~*~Patty S said...

oh my! I am afraid I would have lost my cookies at the start ... makes me hot and clammy just reading about it Jen

no trips planned for Brisbane any time soon I am guessing!

hope it's a distant memory for you soon!

Electra said...

OMGosh, I think I'm going to be sick. My heart goes out to you both.

Melinda Cornish said...

now I know why you were sick...of all the luck!