Saturday, May 9, 2009

do you know...

how many posts i have started and then not finished because of 1/ camera problems or just 2/running out of time. I didn't mean to let it get so long b/w posts but here is a little update of whats been happening in the last few weeks....

birthday card...

Lucy, its her 18th on tues, i know everyone says it, but where does the time go.... We were pretty proud of her because she decided to forgo the big party and use the money to get some horse rugs seeing as it as gotten cold here quickly.

Charlie , [should have named her something that meant 'busy one'] She was chosen by her school to read the Requiem at the local Anzac service. She read beautifully, no nerves [not my genes!] and with so much compassion. It was absolutely bucketing down too, much needed rain but i felt sorry for the old vets in the wet and cold.
I took a vid with a new camera , thought i was holding it the right way and its come out sideways[again] and it was set on a really high resolution so i couldn't post that here either :(

Earlier in the year she applied for a Rotary scholarship , well.......
she went to the first interview and they chose two of them to go to the next round. Then last week she went to a dinner to meet some more members for the second part of the process. On Wed she received an invitation to go to Melb to be approved by he board there. I'd have been cacking my daks though all this and i know she was little nervous but fine none the less. So my baby maybe of to Denmark next year [for the whole year], what a wonderful opportunity for her.

me ....I have had what i call a sideways promotion at work!! I will be a furnishings custom made consultant. Heaps better hours, no weekends and i may have to go to Sydney [yippeee] for training for a week. I have been in curtains all my life but i need to learn their operating systems and the computer stuff. The downside is that it can very stressful but i am already stressed so maybe it will be an improvement.

Had my allergist appt in Melbourne yesterday and the upshot is some more tests , maybe have to do an elimination diet. This rash maybe a once off , it maybe something i have to live with, not likely! Half the trouble is i have no rash now but i still get itchy and i came home from there itching like mad.
We did manage to fit in Ikea though and we picked out a
white dining table . Haha, good color for this house, it'll look lovely with paint all over it!!! I am not fan of everything must match kind of furniture and but would have loved 50/60/ table with the metal edge and red vinyl chairs. might never find that and i figured this table looked a bit retro-y
We had trouble deciding on chairs tho. I liked
these black ones, they were so comfortable and Hubby liked these other ones, so we compromised , got 4 of mine and two of his for the ends. He always sits on the end anyway! They were out of stock for the table so that will mean another trip soon. Yey!
so....i have been sooo busy with work and other things so if you see me visiting and not leaving comments or taking my time to reply to emails, its not because
1/ i don't like you anymore,

or 2/ i don't like your artwork anymore!!

I'm just time challenged!!

Will leave you with a pic of two atcs i made for a butterfy swap....


Jacky said...

Hey...lovely to have you back in blogland (life gets a bit busy sometimes doesnt it?).

Gorgeous butterfly ATC' the pinks.

Jacky xox

Diane said...

It'so nice to hear from you, Jen! You are one busy girl! Congrats to you on your new job & your daughter's accomplishments. That is fabulous!Love your ATCs.
Hugs, DIane

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

So nice to see you back Jen with a great newsy email too. It's Mother's Day weekend here in the US and I couldn't help but enjoy your mother's pride in your 'children', thank you for sharing about them

lovely ATCs, the first one with the smooshed bottle cap is just divine!

I wonder if a nice epsom salt soak (lavender scented for your stress) might help your rash, I've been using it for bad back and sore muscles....the worst that could come out of trying is a nice warm soak!

Debbi Baker said...

Sure is good to hear from you and know that all is well (except for the rash and the stress of course!)

Love your card and ATCs and will come back when I have more time to have a look at your furniture!! Sounds lovely and makes me want to do some stuff to the house - we are long overdue but I keep spending all my money on art supplies and retreats!

Margaret said...

Lovely catch up post, glad to hear you've been hanging in there, highs and lows!
Gorgeous ATC's, great colours and lovely images