Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Procession.

Bendigo is huge at Easter and the weather is usually lovely like today was. Charlie was walking in it handing out pamphlets for the CFA however her parents were checking out the patchworkers,textile artists and woodturners when it started. The reason being that is was the quietest time to see everything!

So many talented people and there was a whole display of atc's. There is actually a group here that trades every month or two. They get some great tutors in and play with fabric and paper so I am thinking i may just have to join that one!

Merry exhibited a stunning quilt but i need to get better pics to do it justice. next week.

I did catch the last hour of the procession in the hope of seeing charlie however she was on early. i dont think she minded!
I loved the multiculturism of this year . There seemed to be so many differnt ethnic groups adding their flavour and the colors, costumes and music was wonderful.

We are very lucky to have the Chinese society and dragons and they get bigger and better every year.

loved these two photos....

and the rocky horror show, always makes me want to dance....

loved this,the fountain and its 'statues ' a landmark in the centre of Bendigo.

This is Sun Loong,supposedly the longest dragon in the world.

My only one complaint would be that we dont have the vikings anymore!

When iwas a kid they [uni students] would be whooping and yahooing and letting of crackers just before the dragon. They'd be dressed in tatty hessian, wild hair and covered in dirt.
i think they got too wild in the end for the organisers, however its just not the same without them!


Diane said...

What fun! You got some fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Jacky said...

I think I will put Bendigo on the calendar for Easter next year. I loved reminiscing reading your blog (I went to uni/college in Bendigo back in the late 70's). I loved the Chinese influence even back then!

Dot said...

What great photo's Jenn! Think I will put Bendigo on my calendar for Easter next year too!
Lovely to see the Chinese influence - and gorgeous colors too.

This post is a feast for the senses! Thank you so much for sharing. And I am glad you had such beautiful weather. Perfect down here as well :)

Dot said...

P.S I wanted to dance when I saw the Rocky Horror pics too!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME photos Jen - looks like you had a ball! PMSL at my visual of you doing the Time Warp ROFL!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Wonderful pictures Jen, Love them all, the close ups are brilliant too! Maybe you can start a petition now to bring the vikings back next year ;)