Sunday, March 15, 2009

more fun with fabric......

Made these three atc's from a sample piece thats the same method as my full bloom one.

This one i used burgundy felt and cut out flowers from a hand dyed variegated fabric. sprinkled threads over the top and added a dusty pink organza.

Stitched like mad and then sizzled it!!!

The felt shrunk more and the flowers are quite bubbly which makes them pop!!

I tried to burn the off the felt and leave it more holey[by burning it from the back but wouldve ended up with a big black mess.] The felt was really resistant, it must have had some wool in it.

On the home front its that time of the year again. The entry forms have arrived for Elmore Ag Art Comp. Argggh, i will be demented by October!!!!

Work has reopend and not without a few hiccups but its been a pretty good week.
Its quite changed as we dont have individual departments anymore so i get to work with lots of different[and NICE] people. Amazing how one nasty person can upset the dynamics of a workplace.

.....and then my baby came home with a stud in her nose. Its all happening when you turn 16, first the L's, then the nose done!!!! I am wondering whats in store when Luce turns 18!!

Have a good week everyone.... jenxo


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Aaahh the teen years, buckle your seatbelt ;) it can be a bumpy ride sometimes, but before you know it your daughter will be all grown up.

Your ATCs are marvelous, LOVE the closeup views Jen! Wouldn't I just Love to watch you create these in person, the textures and colors are amazing! Must go back for another look and then off to bed....late!

Diane said...

These are very cool, Jen. A stud in her thankful that's all it is! I think those are pretty common here in the U.S.

Jacky said...

A nose ring... it could be worse Jen. Must say though that some of them can look quite cute!

Your fabric ATC's are wonderful Jen. I saw the ones you made for Dot in the flesh and them are fantastic! Loved the Audrey Hepburn ones in the previous post too - such a classy, gentle woman.

Glad you are back at work and enjoying it!

Jacky xox

Kath K said...

wow Jen.. these are lovely.. sure would like to see how you do these up close too.. nuff said!!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.