Wednesday, March 11, 2009

blog award and audrey love...



She was just so classy and elegant and beautiful and funny that when i did a movie star challenge, she had to be it!!
However, there were too many gorgeous photos to choose from so instead of 1 it blew out to 7.
The background is so luscious, i just love it. Its heaps better in the flesh!
I collaged papers and bits of open weave muslin [this looks great when you highlight with gold paint]and used sequin waste and some holey ribbon for the stencils. The vibrant color comes mainly from the water soluble crayons blended over white paint.
I made a discovery too. [i like discoveries!] I used my black stazon ink pad and because i had gelled the atc all over first, if i made a mistake i could erase it using the stazon stamp cleaner on a cotton bud!
Thought i'd pass that one on because its handy if you spell something wrong or run out of room, something i do frequently!
The first two are traded but if you are interested let me know, i do love to trade!

I have been very slack in following this up but Diane has given me my very first blog award!!

For being gratefull and/or showing gratitude.

I am supposed to pass it onto 10 people, but i am taking the cheats way out and nominating everybody who reads this blog!! [Mainly because of time restraints at the moment!]
But thank you Diane, i am very grateful!

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Margaret said...

Jen these are gorgeous, love what you done with the background, very rich theatrical look to them. Great tip re the Stazon