Sunday, January 18, 2009

so do you think....

this is purple enough!!!lol!!

Charlie and i are painting her room and this is her feature wall. Dark isnt it? We painted a sample as we couldnt wait to see what it looked like. Her other three walls are white so it should look really luscious. The reason we are waiting to paint is because of the huge hole in the wall i am trying to fill , [taking ages for the filler to dry.] Done in a fit of pique when she was about 10 and been covered with a poster since then!

And from the million, trillion 'whites' out there, she picked white, straight from the tin. It was so hard to get blended. still looks a bit streaky but 3 coats is all i am doing :(

I've had 5 days off this week which has been nice to get all those odd little jobs done but very sad too.

We went to the funeral for Luke and Rachel on friday. It was huge and terribly heartbreaking.

It was the saddest thing to see the two hurses, a black and a white one drive side by side, down the street lined on both sides by all their friends.

I havent felt much like creating but made this atc for a door challenge

Its not quite as dark as the scan or as pink on the door. I really liked the quote too.

Cricket, that what i meant to tell you. We a brilliant family night at the MCG last Sunday. It was so much fun and we won which is always good!! None of us had been before and loved not only what was happening on the fields but all the fun going on with the crowd. The Mexican Wave and bouncy balls trying to avoid security were all part of the fun. Next time we will stay down as we didnt get home till 2 am [thanks to the brilliant parking inspectors who take your money to park your car but are not there at the end of the night to deal with the traffic trying to leave!]
took us 45 mins just get out of the car park!
All i all, we have been enjoying the 20/20 and one day matches.

so, off to work i go tomorrow, hope its not going to be too hot.......


Jacky said...

A sad post... always sad to lose friends.

Your art work is beautiful and I love that Ralph Waldo Emmerson quote.

Debbi Baker said...

The funeral must have been so sad. A very apt reminder to live each day as if it may be our last. Your door art is wonderful - love the quote which incidentally was new to me. And by the way I would have given a limb to have a wall painted that colour when I was 17 (but my parents won!!) Guess what colour my craft room is? (a bit more of a deep violet but still purple!)

Kath K said...

Love the purple..and funny that the white is the hardest to get cute have patched some of those holes too...
Your door challenge is lovely.. love the quote too.. you always come up with such great ones..
Can only imagine how awful to see that procession.. those poor families..

kelsey said...

Love the atc! Wonderful background to it and the quote is just perfect.

How regal that colour of purple is, I can just imagine a velvet throw over the end of the bed in that deep, rich colour...gorgeous!

Terribly heartbreaking to hear of your neighbour's tragedy, I honestly don't know how I'd cope with such a thing if it were to happen to either of my boys, 20 & 23....{shudder}.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

My heart aches for the loss of these two beautiful children and their family and friends, life will just never be the same OOXOXO

Your daughter's room must be gorgeous, that is such a royal and rich purple (matches your blog beautifully too BTW) Now don't mind me, but seeing that perfect purple made me think of my favorite white gel pen and what fun it would be to doodle on the purple.

Your door ATC is wonderful, fab quote....Love the way it makes me feel!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.