Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jens ramblings.....

Thought it was about time i posted again, although I have not actually made anything since Christmas! not for want of trying tho! The Creative Juices have totally dried up so i will just go with the flow and hope it kicks in soon!
Thanks to Creative Everyday i have been thinking a lot more about arty stuff and drawing heaps on the shower screen [my favorite canvas!] it just doesn't seem to make it out of the bathroom:( !!

The girls and i also went to the local art gallery and The Golden Age of Couture exhibition. 1947-57.

It was gobsmacking.

Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga to name a few. Jennifer Hawkins opened it [not that i personally saw her!] but she looked pretty stunning in the pics.
I loved the cocktail dresses the best and the beautifully cut woollen coats with their beautiful shape and full skirts.
It was such a glamorous time and to think i got stuck with the eighties! shoulder pads and big hair lol!

I had disappointing news last week that my local Scrapbook is closing down at the end of the month. Its such a shame as it was the only one left here. She won Retailer of the Year last year and had a thriving business but is closing beacause of ill health.

wish i could buy it.

must buy a tattslotto ticket......

I have been filling in time with appts like the dentist, acc etc so my spare time has not been wasted.

i have 5 days off next week and Charlie and i are going to paint her room. Its currently yellow with a white lace fairy austrian so we are going with white walls and a deep purple feature wall. much more teenagerish!
I bought her a new white day bed a few months ago so i guess new bedlinen and doona cover will be in order as well!!

Tomorrow night we are off to the Cricket at the MCG. Oz vs Sth Africa. I have never been before, we are very excited as its a 20/20 so it should be action packed. It is however, somewhat tempered by the news below....

The really sad news that happened this morning is that my next door neighbors 19 yr old son and girlfriend were killed in a car accident in Gippsland last night. We are all pretty stunned and upset and cant begin to imagine what a horrendous thing to go through.
It hits pretty close to home as my girls are getting old enough to get licences and go out in mates cars. scary times ahead, just have to hope that they make the right decisions with their friends.
Two families in so much pain tonight, so sad.....


Diane said...

Hi Jen, Looks like the show was great fun. I love the 50's style!
I am just finishing up painting & I am so glad we're nearing the end.
It looks so much better. Good luck with your painting. I am so sorry about your neighbor's girlfriend. I can't even imagine the pain that something like this brings.

Kath K said...

Hi Jen.. wow that show looks fantastic.. love that style.. you're right..we sure didn't win on that
sorry to hear about the scrap store.. ours closed in the fall.. sure miss it...
The painting sounds like fun.. am sure it will be gorgeous when you're done..
Thoughts and prayers for you all.. such a devastating thing to happen.. nothing is ever the same..
Hope your creativity makes a come back with the days off...

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Oh Jen, it breaks my heart to know the pain of the families losing children, so very sorry to hear of this tragedy...the healing will take a lifetime.
The small craft/stamping stores are closing here in the US too, the clim is tough out there especially with the big box stores and their coupons and online shopping being so easy and popular.
It sounds like you've been creative in lots of other ways...I think mothers do that and don't always give themselves the credit that is due...ask me how I know :)
Love your descriptive word:
"gobsmacking" oxoo

Debbi Baker said...

Just catching up on my blog reading Jen - a few weeks sure went by fast! I'm sure your creative flow will come back soon.

Margaret said...

My thoughts are with the families involved in this terrible tragedy, I can't imagine what this must be like for them.
I know your creativity will return, sometimes it's good to take a break and just go with the flow

Leslie said...

Hi Jen-No worries on the lack of creativity-I haven't painted 1 thing yet in 2009 but I know I will.

So sorry to hear about your neighbors tragedy-I can't imagine this kind of pain-losing a child is the worst pain imaginable and my thoughts and prayers are with both families. This kind of loss brings a lifetime of grieving and just getting through each day is difficult I'm sure. So very sad.

Peace and comfort to both families as they work through this.

Happy New Year Jen!

Dot said...

Hi there Jen...

Hope your creative mojo returns very soon. I know mine disappears every now and then but it always returns :)

The show looks like it was wonderful.

Very sorry to hear about the scrap store. It is a shame when a favorite place closes down.

I am sory to hear about your neighbors loss too. Very , very sad.

Let me know when you feel like doing our ATC swap (no pressure though of course!).

Dot xx

antikva said...

Oh. DUH! you must think I'm an eejit blathering away back to you! You already know about the scrapbook shop! So sorry!
And, we went to the Gallery a week apart to look at the same pretty shiny things :-)

But hey, that means I worked out we live in the same area! HA.

Want to meet for coffee sometime?