Monday, August 25, 2008

Some asian Atc's.....

Spent a lovely Sunday afternoon making atc's yesterday! That was after the 3 loads of washing , ironing, vacuuming and tidying up!! At least i wasn't at work like last Sunday!!!

These came together fairly quickly ...I'd picked up this cute Geisha fabric and rich brocade in Heathcote.
I found a stash of cheapie asian printed papers and Merry had given me some Vietnamese paper that her hubby had picked up o/s. Don't know if its rice or what but its beautiful and so is the book that it comes in.
I also used this black/red material that has lots of teeny tiny script on it,
[picked it up at Big W. I often look at their fat 1/4's, they have some quite different ones sometimes....]

Traded to Tam xoxo

Choccy wrappers come in handy sometimes!!!

Used the other side of brocade for the background.
this one and the next one traded to Jan...jenxo

These fans were silver so i embossed them with black, gold and copper and i love how they came up.

Havent named them yet and I have one left for trade so ema me!!!


Jacky said...

Hi Jen, your Asian themed ATC's are gorgeous... love all the different textures etc. (and of course anything to do with fabric I just looove)

Dot said...

I have been having fun tonight looking at your blog!

These ATC's are so wonderful. You are very talented.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog too :)