Thursday, August 21, 2008

life in general.....

life is somewhat hectic here with two girls entering comps that need to done in the next two weeks!!!

Luce is entering the Elmore Field Days Ag art fashion Parade, her 'outfit' is coming along nicely and its no surprise my sewing machine is not going so hot as she has been busy chenilling weed mat!!!

She was runner up last year in the schools section and was quite happy with her prize money but this year , i think she wants a holiday to new Zealand to compete!!

Here are some pics from last year...

this ones taken at the parade....

This is Charlz modelling for the entry pics. Luce ironed plastic garbags over wire mesh, [glad she used the schools irons!!] The bottom of the skirt is cutup feedsack bags woven thru the wire, looks kind of feathery! the top is made from cardboard and she 'shirred' the plastic using stretched duct tape, love all the techniques she used. The necklace is made from wire, some beads with horse hair and others with plastic and hay band!! Really cool!!

Charlz is making a dress from tea towels for Finley fashion pde which was going well until she decided to add 3 ruffles and painted tulle on the skirt.

[its lovely to have creative children but it would also be lovely if they made things that they could actually wear!!!!!]...and a bigger house would help too :(

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jilly said...

OMG how clever is she?!?!?
Just like her mama eh?