Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So where to start........

I had the bestest time away with my craft girls this weekend. We ate, laughed, made stuff and managed to fit some shopping in at the the market and garage sales. The main street of Heathcote [ it's soooo long!!] has some great little shops too, with a few bargains to be found!!

Faye totally spoiled us with her great food, comfy beds and great hospitality that we are already planning next years!!!!

Di , my lovely, talented friend and i did some felting. We saw some beautiful hats and scarves in one of the shops and it got us revved up to try some. Our bags probably took most of Saturday to make , i don't have a finished pic of Di's yet but it looks really lovely and vibrant with its flowers and butterflies.

This is the very first time i have felted a finished article and i was pretty pleased with it. Di and i did a felting class together years ago but we only made samples, so this was heaps better.

I'll start with mine first because i dont have a finished pic of Di's yet.

I did 3 layers for my bag and we put a plastic wrapped peice of corrugated card for the middle.

I wanted some 'shrinky bits' of material on my bag so used some organza and BOY did it shrivel!!!
I cant believe how the whole felting process just shrinks sooo much and how all of sudden it just happens!!

I also used silk tops and some sparkly acylic wool which worked in spots. I had to some dry needlefelting to finish off as it didnt felt into the fabric ....

I must have stopped taking photos from here to the finish!!!

my side seams are a bit lumpy still, but for a first go i am very happy with it!!!!

TADA!!!! My finshed bag.

Stay tuned, more pics tomorrow.....

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Jacky said...

LOVE your fabulous bag!!! Sounds like you had the best weekend...