Saturday, June 26, 2010

a busy week....

We have had a very busy week but still no news of Fletcher. We are feeling very dejected and hope he has either found a good home or met a very quick end [not nice i know but i would hate to think of him suffering in this cold and nasty weather].

Last weekend we went to Melbourne with Lucy for her model horse show. We stayed at Beaumaris and had some lovely walks on the beach.The above pic was taken at Frankston, such lovely little sculptures on the foreshore.
We tripped into Ikea and Ziguzagu,a fantastic japanese warehouse.[Big thanks to Jacky for putting me onto it, it was wonderful, might be while before the credit card recovers!]
haha, both places could not be farther apart in style but i enjoyed them both!
I haven't taken pics of my purchases post :)

Anyhow amongst the all the wonderful nights out this week i have finally finished these atcs .
The lovely Margaret was a guest designer for June here and made these lovely atc pockets. I couldn't wait to have a go, mainly as i wanted use the cute little lanterns that i bought a little while ago. Ive lost the packaging so cant tell you who they are :(

The technique on the dresses is the string technique. The red is from my friend Les and i made the brown.[I never get it to work very well, its always a bit chunky.]
I am slowly getting around and visiting the other pocket atcs,the ones i have seen are just lovely.

and finally because i love seagulls, especially when they are fighting over chips :)


jenny said...

Jen how gorgeous are those sculptures that you found at Frankston...still crossing my fingers for Fletch and love your ATC's and the little very lovely :)
Jenny x

Miek said...

I love the ATC's !
Very cool !
Greetz Miek

Ro said...

Love it, they look fab :)

Fabric Art said...

These pocket ATC's are gorgeous, love the dresses and the little lanterns are so sweet.

Doreen G said...

Love the ATC's Jen but pray tell one ignorant sole what is the string techniqu?.

Chriss Rollins said...

love the orientle dresses, thanks for taking on the challenge.

please email me here so I can contact you.

love the sculptures too.

chriss x

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

lovely pics Jen
I am imagining how much fun the Japanese warehouse must have been!

Your ATCs turned out brilliantly, such a great challenge ... another month is getting away from me ... July's Dress Up challenge will be here before we know it!

let's hope Fletcher is off having a fab adventure ... that naughty fellow causing you all worry

Jeanie Callaghan said...

I love your dresses, Jen! Wasn't that fun?

Sherry said...

Your ATC pockets are fantastic!!! Love the stitching and the laterns - and everything really! Keeping my fingers crossed that I get one back in the swap.

Patricia's Paper Crafts said...

Gorgeous ATC dresses love the colors.

Oxana said...

WOW! So cool ATC`s!

Dot said...

What a great post Jen! I would have loved to have caught up with you when you were in Frankston. The foreshore is lovely there. Sounds like I need to pay a visit to Ziguzagu. What a great place. And I love the fabrics you bourhgt there.
Gorgeous ATC's you amde too!
Dot xx

Margaret said...

Love your ATC's Jen! great colours and so many tiny details, I keep going back for more!
That's one super cool pic you have at the top of your post, fab sea green.
Fingers crossed for Fletcher. Mx

Catharina Maria said...

These ATC's are wonderful !
Love ♥RINI♥

Melinda Cornish said...

your atcs are so fun! I love the lanterns......

Gini said...

Oh wow wow wow for your amazing dress up ATC's!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so miffed I was ill for that month and never got to make any in time for the deadline. All the ones I've seen have been amazing too especially yours!

I'm so sorry you have had no news about Fletcher.

I got a bit scared when we were absolutely mobbed by seagulls trying to pinch our fish and chips one time we were at the seaside, plus the time a flying seagull decided to poop the most humungous bird doo on my head that ran down my glasses was disgusting in my hair... so seagulls stretch my love of birds to the very limits I'm afraid :-)