Sunday, April 18, 2010

March Dress up ........ a leeettle late!

March sort of go away on me and even though i started this dress at the start of march , here it is half way through April and no idea what to do for April !!
so guess what,that may be late too!lol

Lucy made me the birdcage for this dress, shes so good with twisting wire into wonderful quirky things! i gessoed it, then painted it with brown and orange paint and sprinkled on cinnamon, most of which came off in the attaching.
We spent an afternoon making birds too from masking tape but the birds that i had in my head came out on the cover of CPS. i couldn't believe it!
anyhow, then i decided on a print out and some dangly beads.... see the meshy stuff underneath, luey wrecked one of those bathroomn fluffy scrubber things , its got heaps of fabric in it and was perfect for this.
The lovely leafy tissue paper is from
Blue Bazaar.

I have been really enjoying visiting all the dressups, i love seeing everybody's interpretations and some of the materials used.

We had some drama just after Easter. First day back to work hubby was moving some metal furniture and it slipped and gashed his forearm. A tourniquet, ambulance and lots of stitches later, he was a bit sore and sorry for himself. Hes been a good patient up until now and is driving us nuts ;(( of course it should be healed after two weeks and everything working properly [doesn't have full use of his little finger] and no pain! they put 6 stitches into the muscles so i think it might take a while, he was lucky he only scraped the tendons. I cant look at it, never could be a nurse so lucy has done a fine job cleaning it.

And lastly but not least look at this fabulous Loot that i won when
Tina had a giveaway in honor of grandmother recently. I couldn't believe it when it arrived this week, i just kept pulling it out and covered the kitchen table with it. All sorts of papers , stickers images,
ticket stubs, you name it was in there!! THANK YOU Tina , you are very generous!!


Jeanie Callaghan said...

The dress is just perfectly lovely! And I agree with you - Tina is just one of a kind.

Nat said...

what a beautiful dress and birdcage- love it!

Sherry said...

Your dress is fantastic! I love the neckline and your birdcage and bird is just fab!!! I have a collection of those bath scrunchy things (all un-used - lol) they come is such lovely colours.

Congratulations on your win - now that's the sort of post we all love to receive - looks like some amazing stuff there.

Hope your hubby gets well soon, sounds like a nasty injury (mine has man-flu at the momement!)

Diane said...

Oh Jen.....your dress is FABULOUS & that little birdcage is just gorgeous! Sorry to hear about hubby's accident but so glad he's okay! Hugs, Diane

Oxana said...

WOW Jen!!!! So cute!!! I love it!!!and that little birdcage is gorgeous!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

WOWEE you DID win some wonderful loot Jen!!! Fabbie!
YIKES, what a scare you all had with your husband, certainly hope he'll be all mended very soon!
Now to your lovely dress, it is really gorgeous, great closeup views, the birdie reminds me of a robin redbreast ... do you have those in Australia?
It's clear you had a great time creating your dress ... you're so right ... where does the time go!!!
I'm sure your April dress is well worth waiting for!
p.s. funny about your idea on the cover of CPS, makes one wonder if there are any new ideas out there sometimes ... important thing is to keep playing :)

Doreen G said...

The dress is lovely Jen and the goodies are even better.

kiwicarole said...

Your dress is totally gorgeous, lucky you having a daughter that helps with your projects! I love the cage!

Hope your hubby is on the mend! I will email you soon :) C

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Wow, your dress is stunning Jen!
Love the neckline and the birdcage is FAB!!
OMG, Soz to hear about hubby's drama!! Hope he mends very soon! No, I wouldn't of been able to look either!! :O
...and another wow, at all those wonderful goodies!! They should keep you busy creating for a while!! Lucky you!

Jan x

Debby said...

Love your sweet dress, beautiful and that is one great pack of loot.

Electra said...

OMG, I can't believe you gessoed and painted the birdcage! Your dress is spectacular and well worth waiting for! Hope your hubby is out from underfoot soon and you get to play with all that great loot!

Fabric Art said...

Oh what a beautiful dress, love the birdcage and the colors.

Melinda Cornish said...

the dress is awesome...masking tape birds? how neat is that...I love the wire cage too...
husbands are a pain in the you know when they are hurting or sick...isnt it amazing what babies they really are?
thanks for your good wishes too...I am really happy!!!

Jacky said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous dress and I just love the little wire bird cage and bird...what a wonderful embellishment.
What an amazing stash of goodies you won in the give away...totally awesome.
Hope hubby is feeling much better!

Jacky xox

kiwicarole said...

Your blog is looking lovely and colourful! I lost your email address!!

Rossylalah said...

Jen no need to tell you how beautiful your creation is!!! Do you do these little dresses as a challenge? I would love to see some more. Poor hubby hope all the digits are moving now. Wow what a stash! What a generous person Tina is.

bad penny said...

Your March dress is divine - I love it - every bit !

margaret said...

I seem to be lossing my comments all over, I know I visited last week, perhaps it's jetlag??!! Anyway, I'll say again how wonderful your dress is this month jen, super birdcage, what an amazing feel it gives to the finished dress, love it!! Margaretx

Gini said...

How did I miss seeing this before now!!! I'm so sorry to be late.
Your dress is absolutely stunning, so very lovely Jenxo!!

Catharina Maria said...

Great dress !
Love it !