Sunday, March 21, 2010

ummm, no title....

i know its been a while but here i am finally![thanks to melinda for the gentle nudge!]

its been fairly hectic here but mainly its work that is totally draining me mentally at the moment. However I'm not going to talk about work here as that takes up enough of my time as it is....

some of my craft girls and i went to Bacchus marsh with the quilters from Bendigo for a weekend away last weeknend. We got lost on the way with me navigating! and ended up arriving probably an hour late. luckily Ann discovered the navman in her console :)

We went into town on Sat and cruised around the op shops and the really good scrapbook paper store which had, would you believe it , Tim Holtz products. I had to be dragged out of there and haven't been game to check out my credit card balance since! got loads of things Ive been coveting!

the patchwork shop was filled with a wide variety of lovelies too and i bought some nice ribbony braids.

The room where we sewed was hot and stuffy but we all made some progress. I was absolutely stunned at the beautiful work the patchworkers did and there was one lady freemotioning a feather pattern around the edges of her quilt. Every stitch was perfect and there was no pattern. just her and the machine. unbelievable precision.

The rooms were spartan just two beds and the food was ok and plentiful so we had a great time. I didn't get my project finished but its well on the way.

Charlie has been to Rome on her school trip and had a ball. I'm dying to see photos.. hint hint
Her phone started working so i was getting texts until her phone credit ran out. 'On Sunday, i'm at the Trevi fountain, Monday night, at the Colosseum, what fun that was.'

Ive been making some birthday cards using this gorgeous tissue paper from
Blue Bazaar here... The newsprint one has been getting a real workout and i love this birdie one.
The dimensional butterflies[from k&company] are just beautiful from that shop in Bacchus!
I added a little bird to the enve...

These are my atc's too for the junk recycle challenge. once i got into it i could not stop.

The base is a sanded cereal box and then i just went mental with the stapler !

pity about the staple under her head!


Fabric Art said...
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Fabric Art said...

Jenxo your birthdays cards and ATC's are very beautiful,the butterflies and the dragenfly are so sweet and so are the birds, love it all. Have a nice day.

Jacky said...

Hey, we were up your way on the weekend, its a wonder we didnt run into each other with our poor navigational skills!! We did Castlemaine/Daylesford this year, but plan to head Bendigo/Ballarat way also next time.

Love your latest work and those ATC's are the last one, staple under the head and all!

Looking forward to seeing your work from the weekend.

Take care Jen and dont work too hard.

Jacky xox

jenny said...

Beautiful cards Jen , sounds like a good shop that you came across on your weekend away. Love your ATC's, amazing how 'junk' can look so fantastic, nice blog look too....
Jenny x

Jeanie Callaghan said...

Well, you really jumped back into things with a bang! Fantastic cards - I envy the recipients. And you did a completely fabulous job with the junk recycle. Very imaginative!

Electra said...

It's great to see some more lovely work of yours-and that you're rejuvinating yourself after some busy "work" times!

Diane said...

Love your cards & ATCs. I went to Blue Bazaar but couldn't find the birdie tissue paper. DO you remember who it is made by? I just love it! Hugs, Diane

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

such fun hearing about what you've been up to Ms Co Pilot (NOT teehee)
A joy ride can be fun, but not so much when you have a deadline!
Glad you all had a good time!
Your cards are WONDERFUL in every detail Jen, the butterflies are the perfect touch too!
Also Love your recycle ATCs, great use of everyday items, that I just happen to save too ;)
Lovely your Charlie is traveling and making such fab memories!

Oxana said...

Your creations are STUNNING!!!

antikva said...

Gorgeous Jen! the cards too LOL

Glad you enjoyed your weekend, sometimes getting lost can be fun.

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Gorgeous cards Jen, love the tissue paper and those lovely butterflies and dragonflies are a perfect touch!!
Whooo tim holtz goodies - lucky you!! :)
You did a fantastic job with the junk recycle - fab atc's!!
...and it sounds like Charlie is having a fab time too!!

Jan x

evision said...
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Melinda Cornish said...

YAY she is fun to get the texts from your daughter...Are you missing her like crazy? How about her, is she homesick...I bet she cuddles the bear every night....your cards rock...they are so pretty and I love the layering...i like that you went nuts with the staples adds a cool look to your atc's...i am glad that my nudge worked...dont be a stranger, I know you are making things!

I am so glad you like my paper dress....I love the link you sent too...I am going to have fun looking at all the paper forms people made....