Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fluffy Heart Love....

Happy Valentines Day everybody!

We have had a nice quiet weekend and i even had Saturday to myself pottering around making some souvenirs for Charlie, while i watched the opening of the winter games. It was wonderful with all the music and light shows. How sad for the Georgian team walking out there minus one, it would have been a real mix of emotions.
This year too beacuse of my blog and the internet it was amazing how many countries were repesented by my online friends from all the world. And i'll be cheering for Denmark too [only when theres no aussies in!]

oh and KD rocks.......she was amazing.

so go Canada it was a great opening.

i have been so overwhelmed by all the lovely comments for OWOH and am trying to get around to as many of your blogs as i can before it finishes. i will check out them all properly after this finishes so i can get a peep into your lives and art.

wooohooo and new followers too, this event really does bring people together :)

Ive made another needlecase too, this ones different and im not showing it, its going to be surprise! heehee

Because we are ahead timewise i will be posting my winners on Tuesday evening my time.
I have to start at 7am on tues for stocktake and dont know what time it will finish but i will email you for your address details and post out on the weekend.

These two atc's already have a home but the background is Glorious Brayered Paper, a tute here...lots of fun and so many wonderful effects. We have been doing a swap on one of my forums and the variations and colors have been fantastic.

Anyway have a great week and ill be posting on Tues night [i wish you could all win!]

I cant wait!!!


mandapanda said...

What beautiful ATC's! well done!! Happy Valentines Day!!

jenny said...

Ahh I love quiet weekends - your ATC's are just gorgeous Jen, love them and will have to check out the tute...
Happy Valentines Day to you too
Jenny x

Jacky said...

Love your ATC's especially the heart...must check out the tute (I do have a brayer so thats a headstart).
Good luck with the stocktake ... I hate stocktake!

Jacky xox

JaNs ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

You atc's are gorgeous Jen , those love birds are Fab!
Happy valentine's day to you too!
Jan x

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

The closeups to your cards = fantastic!!! Love your 3D touches so much!!!
Thank you for the tut link too!

Happy V Day dear friend!

Shiree said...

lovely paper and what a great tutorial, thanks for sharing this.

Deirdra Doan said...

Thank you too , I think your art is so pretty!

Dot said...

Your ATC's are so gorgeous Jen! You are so good at doing backgrounds. Glad you had a lovely weekend. Belated happy Valentine's day to you too.
Dot xx
P.S Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog today.

Rossylalah said...

Hi Jen I'll definetly get my act together for the next OWOH. I think I said the same about ATC's. I love yours. KD Lang looks awesome but a little like Wayne Newton don't you think!

Barbara said...

Love the parrots, they are so sweet, and the GBP is great.

The piece on my paris card is a piece of wallpaper as you thought, and one swap it had it in the envie. Can;t remember who sent it though.

Melinda Cornish said...

I love both of them...perfect for Valentines Day!