Sunday, January 3, 2010

so here we are....

in 2010. i used to to wonder when i was 16 what i would be doing in 2000 and 2010.
Dont know what it was about those two dates but they stuck in my head!

Would i be married, have kids, have travelled the world ?

would i be rich? lol. [no]

have met the love of my life and live in in a mud brick house we'd built ourselves or an old renovated miners cottage?

you know, those are still the things i would want but i should've given a career a bit more thought!!! i never knew what i wanted to do....

well in 2000 i thought id achieved most of those things, would've liked to have travelled more but generally content with life and family and figured i had still had time to have no regrets.

now i feel like time is running out , 50 this year and still battling the career demon....still got another 15 years in me so its not too late is it? [then I'm gonna get in that gypsy caravan, follow the stock routes and sit on a river bank with hubby and paint and draw and stitch.

Maybe now my roster has changed back to 4 full days, ill feel a bit more balanced, not feel like I'm at work all the time and figure out how I'm going to make a change.

Anyhow i guess its just that time for reflecting .....

I went to the flicks this week with Lucy and saw Sherlock Holmes. I was pleasantly surprised and we both really enjoyed it.

Last night we went the open air cinema at Lake Eppalock and Watched Maos Last Dancer. It was quite cold after the sweltering heat and was funny to see everyone wrapped up in blankets. Was good though as it kept the mossies at bay.

We took these silly shots

how long can the beard grow? I've been threatening to bead it!!

and i meant to take a back shot of all the people in their deck chairs but was so enthralled in the movie i forgot! it was full by the time the pic started. I'm dying to read the book.

and this was Christmas 09 Aussie style.....

and some more button angels....

Wow ! what a mixed bag this post was! i wont have to post for a least a month now ;)

anyhow my wish for everyone in 2010 is peace, health, happiness and lots of creating! xxjen


JaNs ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Hi Jen
Dont feel like time is running out, you are still so young!! You've got plenty of time to achieve anything you wish! Enjoy!
Lovely pics!
Your hubby's beard is fab!! You should bead it one night when he is asleep lol ;)
..and wow to a aussie style xmas, just slightly different to our uk one, for one, more clothing needed here, lots of hats, scarves and gloves lol!!
..and just how gorgeous are your button fairies!! especially the first one, how cute is she!! love 'em!!
Happy New Year Jen, heres to a lot of happiness, health and a creative time for you too x x
Jan x

Doreen G said...

Great photos Jen-love the backyard cricket game.
It reminds me of those "spot the footy" things that they used to have in the papers years ago where you had to find where the ball was (only this time it's cricket)
Don't worry about time slipping by--I will be 70 this year and I still have plenty of things that I want to do.
Happy New Year Jen and may you enjoy all that 2010 offers you.

Rossylalah said...

Hi Jen, thanks for an interesting post! You just about covered everything LOL. I saw Sherlock today and loved it. Hadn't been to the movies for quite awhile. Happy New Year and keep creating!

jenny said...

Oh Jen I hear you about work.....perhaps we are on the same wavelength!! I guess that is the wonder of a new year, a time to reflect and refocus. Stepping into something you love to do is so doable but stepping out of the safe and secure can be so daunting - I'm feeling the same way. Love the pics of the outdoor cinema - looks like a great night. Happy new year, may it be full of wonderful possibilities!!
Jenny x

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Enjoyed your post Jen!
I think an altered beard would be lots of fun, you have a lot to work with there ... very nice :)
Birthday's with zeros on the end seem to have more punch, don't they!
You still have lots of time left to follow and realize more dreams!
Happiest of New Years to you and yours, looks like you're off to a lovely start!
Your button angels are WONDERFUL!!!

Jacky said...

Jen, your creative life is just beginning....

Great photos of your Aussie Christmas and the family. Looks like everyone had so much fun!!!! The outdoor cinema at Lake Eppalock would have been a great experience and I would have loved to see that film (still havent got there!!!).

Take care and enjoy 2010.

Jacky xox

Dot said...

Hi Jen
I love this post! It bought a big smile to my face. And your hubby looks like he is great fun (laughed at your comment about threatening to bead his beard!).
I hope that 2010 brings what your heart desires. I haven't got the career thing sorted either :). And 50 is young and dynamic and wise all rolled into one.
Lots of love to you.
Dot xx

AZviaTx said...

What amazing angels come out of Australia! Who'd a known? You've done a remarkable job creating such a diverse set of "girls". Thanks for the share. Oh, and your hubby's beard: is that where the angels hide? Tina

Margaret said...

Great post Jen! I hope you find a bit of that direction you're looking for this year.

As for the beardy one, I have a few Edelweiss buttons and ribbons that would look fab woven in!

Happy creative start to 2010! Mx

Diane said...

Hi Jen,
Wow, that was a great post! I've missed your updates! Sherlock Holmes...Yum...I love Robert Downey Jr.!! Jude Law isn't too bad either. Love your hubby's beard. My husband had a beard almost our entire 40 years together. When he passed it was to the middle of his chest. A great big, beautiful, white beard! I LOVE your button angels, too. They are adorable! Hugs, Diane

Melinda Cornish said...

Happy New year! I cant imagine going to a drive in (open air cinema) right now! it looks cold where you are too....I love the pictures all look like you had a lot of fun! I think you are pretty good about posting and I enjoy your blog....You'll get organized as far as your creating space just takes time...I had to reach the point where I couldnt find anything!!!!! then I was so disgusted I just dug in...thanks for being such a great
blogging friend!