Sunday, September 13, 2009

another week flown by.....

cant believe how quickly the year is flying by. i am particularly busy at work and its only going to get worse with the new shop opening and warmer weather.....

remember how the fires of last feb came up to the back door of my work?

well, we shifted out 7 container loads of stock, mainly fabrics,then moved into the vacant store next door as temporary premises while they refurbished the old shop.

in the last few weeks it has undergone a total transformation, the shopfitters came in and fitted it out like a big mechano set in two weeks. then the merchandisers, dispatch people and extra staff , flown in from stores all over the country, cairns, toowoomba and even new zealand had the shop nearly stocked in two weeks as well. ive been particularly interested in seeing how the shop displays go together, really interesting how they just put things together and twist and pin fabric onto the mannequins to make trendy outfits.
weve all been doing lots of o/t too although i havent had to do any 8-6 days.

my new area [custom made furnishings] is looking beautiful, it took 3 days to fit out and it will be a loverly place to work :D, ill get some before and after shots so you can see the hovel im working in at the moment. the big shift for me is thurs, and we open on Sat with brekky at 7am. no weekend off next weekend :(
the old store is now a clearance centre and we have a week to get rid of it. i have been buying sheets, doona covers and wool like a madwoman!!

so nothing made but lots of lovelies in the mail.... first of all from my fused plastic trades.

jeannie sent me this lovely one made from fp with copper foil tape. the foil and copper tape work really well together. its fascinating how diferent plastics react when they are fused too...

debbi sent me these lovelies.... love how shes punched and stamped the shapes and used different types of stitching.

debbi also sent me this fab blog award which i am finally getting around to posting.

feel very honored but always feel a bit funny about passing them on, especially when theree is huge list of requirements to fill in. we all spend far too much time on computers as it is!

there is however no presuure with this one so you can accept and leave it at that if you wish....

so i am listing 5 obsessions......

chocolate would have to be the top of the list, although i am trying very hard to cut back on that little obsession!

fabric, you can never have enough and i just love to touch and feel it...

my craft group, i get really antsy if i miss a week!!its so good to touch base and have laugh over coffee..

4,making stuff.....could be a bit more obsessed at the moment but i always love to be making something, always have....

the sea, i wish i lived by the sea, i can spend hours watching the waves, its sooo relaxing.

and 5 blogs in no particular order....

1, The
loverly Les' blog Les and i met and started a yahoo atc group together. shes turned into a technique junkie and is always up to something interesting. she has some great tutes on her new blog too....

the fabby Jan whose blog is new too and makes lovely atc's. check her mermaid ones out... beats me at scrabble quite frequently too ;)

patty's blog always has wonderful eye candy and she's such a beautiful person too....

4/ another one i lurve visiting is
margarets blog, always great art, lovely pics and amusing stories...

5/ and finally
jacky whom i havent met yet but would love to one her klimt dollies!

its very hard to narrow it down to 5 blogs because i have so many that i love visiting..

Also, i just wanted to thank you for your lovely comments on charlies deb too, we were so proud of her.....and 250.00 later the next morning the cars ignition was fixed too:)


Jeanie Callaghan said...

Thanks, Jenxo. I really love the cards with the stitching. I must get my machine up and running and try some of those.

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Jen - great post and I'm very happy to hear your work space has all come together! And yes, this year really has flown by...

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

You are very sweet to include me in your special blog list Jenxo :)
I always enjoy reading about other people...but am usually naughty at doing so myself!
Wonderful trades with the fused plastic, you inspired so many!
Your work sounds like a very nice atmosphere....must be tempting to be around so much fabric :0
Thanks again for the lovely award dear Jen!
oxo ~*~ Patty

kiwicarole said...

Hi, lots of lovely mail! Very exciting pieces, lucky you. I agree about the year going fast - I wonder if that's an age thing?? Where do you work, (must be big if all these outside people come in and fit out the store!) Sounds like you are putting in many hours, but what a fab environment it will be when finished.
Carole ;)

Diane said...

Hi Jen,
Gosh, all that going on at your workplace sounds very interesting. It really is amazing how fast they can put something together. You received some beautiful trades, you lucky girl & congrats on your award! Hugs, Diane

Jacky said...

Jen thanks so much for the award (I'm afraid I'm not very good at passing them, but *promise* I will try and get organised this time).

Would love to meet you one day. Maybe Dot and I might take a trip over to Bendigo one day and organise a catch up! Or, if you're ever heading to Melbourne would love to come in and meet you for coffee/lunch/shopping etc.

Your trades for the fused plastic ATC's are gorgeous...clever girls!

I wish I was able to come across to the remnant store. I'd be too tempted to buy up heaps of fabric though (and my stash is large enough methinks!).

Have a lovely week.

Jacky xox

JaNs ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Awww thanx for the award Jen :) - So kind of you.
Fabby trades you received with the fused plastic!
Sounds like a busy interesting time at your work Jen.
Whooo the temptations of being surrounded by all that fabric!! ;)
Oh, and I might let you win a game of scrabble now! LOL :)
Thanks again!!
Jan x

Margaret said...

Thank you for the lovely award Jen, I could just send it straight back as I love your Blog too!! I do fall into the completely useless category regarding passing on awards but you should know I really appreciate you thinking of me.
I love all the goodies you got in the post, so nice to have mailbox mania when you can't quite make it to the craft table yourself! The new workarea sounds fab, piccies?? Mx