Thursday, October 9, 2008

So proud!!!!!

Well Lucy got 3rd place in the under 21 division. We were so proud and happy and her outfit looked fantastic.

When we got there they said they couldnt show everyones as they would run out of time :(

We were a bit stunned as they would only parade 5 finalists from the 3 categories. As the second model paraded down the runway we could see lucys stick poking out the top of the stage divider!!! so we knew she was in!!!!

then she got into the final 3 [it was all very nervewracking!!] and ended up getting beaten by the young girl who won last year!!

Now, i am the world's worst photographer, I took a vid of her dress but too tired now to work out how to save and put it here!!! i have looked at it and DUH!! i turned the camera around and the model is walking sideways!!!!! [told you i was a shocker !!] I need to edit the others so here is Charlie modelling [we had to send these photos in for the dressing instructions.] only problem was , it wasnt quite finished!! I'll try and post some more pics romorrow i need to edit them first!!

Some of the outfits were absolutely amazing and its so hard to believe they were made from things found on a farm!!!

Charlie being tough!!

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