Monday, September 29, 2008


I recieved this gorgeous atc from my friend the 'lovely les 'in Canada. I originally thought the dragonfly embellishment was a 'bought' one but on closer inspection, she made it!!

She sent me this link so you can see how its done. I have been checking my button box to see what else i can use! gotta love hot glue guns!
She also sent me some backgrounds. One of these is the bandana technique [seeing this around a lot lately] I love doodling so this looks like fun.

this next one she made using snowtex, which i think is bit like texture paste.

so i turned it into this....
using some lace scraps [sheer so you can see the background] and a bit of vintage lace from a collar across the bottom. I wanted to add some of my scrawly writing up the side but dont know if the pen will write cleanly so best to leave it as is, i guess!!!!

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Jacky said...

Like the look of that snowtex, lovely ATC you made with that background using the lace etc.

Definately check out the technique used for the dragonfly, that looks fantastic.