Friday, August 8, 2008

arty quilt.....

I had the the most fun time with Merry last night. [Merry, whose lovely home featured in my fist blog entry] We went to a fibre art quilt class last night and did we enjoy ourselves??! Yes we did!!!

This is the first part of the quilt, don't think i am going to make a quilt,I don't want to cut it into teeny tiny squares!! I want to do something else with it but not sure what yet!!
I basically wanted to play with angelina, fibres and textiva. We ironed the angelina [hot fix]to make angelia paper [couldnt get Merry's to work till we discovered it wasn't hot fix!], i love working with this.
I've not done a lot of free motion sewing, don't even have an embroidery foot, and it was bit more difficult on the romeo [ water soluble plastic stuff] to do circles and stippling. I tried some metallic on my machine too but it didn't like that so put it in the bobbin. Only trouble with this is that cos you are working on the back you cant highlight details on the front. Anyway here are few photos of mine, still got to do heaps of stitching. Will get some of Merry's too , hers is in quite different colors.....

I stuck some sequin waste in there, its so versatile and stitched over nicely too.

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