Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WoHoo!! my first post....

So my very first post, well second actually i just lost the first one!! off to a good start .

Its all a bit daunting actually but i guess it will get better as i go along.

I would like to give my Dd a big thank you for doing my banner!! still needs tweaking but she has done great job. Hugs Luce, xo

I love my Wednesdays, each week i meet with a lovely group of ladies and while we do some creating , there is lots of chat, laughter and coffee!! There are 10 of us and we have been meeting now for 10 years. Its held at Merry's house which is a beautiful old place filled with antique furniture and interesting bits and pieces!! Here's some pics i took of our 'craft studio' which was her lounge.
Merry's wedding dress
Merry's wedding dress.

sewing centre
Sewing centre.

more coffee and talk!!

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