Wednesday, July 23, 2008

alpha swap...

I thought i would show you some pics of some of my alpha swap atc's. I've been participating in an international swap for a little while now and these are some of the cards ive sent. I chose to do mine with an aussie theme.
[Found JKL really hard and i'm not looking forward to Z!!!!]

We try and do a technique with each set and its been great to be able to have a play. For me, i think thats why atc's are so addictive, quick results, lots of different techniques and most importantly because they are small, i get them finished!!!!!

These are some of my favorites...

My A card...

this one has painted collaged backround, then layered organza and just stitched the flowers and writing.

my dog one has a collaging with water soluble crayons and paint background. I scratched into it with the end of a brush.The background on this is really textured and lumpy bumpy which i love!!
D/E had to have some kind of stitching.

E card is a water soluble background, drew the echidna, handstitched the ants. French knots on paper!!

K has alcohol inks background, my first play with them. Printed onto a transparency and embossed it.

Not all my cards are animal ones!! i am hoping at the end of this i will have sent a variety cards that reflect our aussie lifestyle, folklore and history. jenxo

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Jacky said...

These look great... I love the Callistmen with your free style stitching.

Check out Helga's blog (link is on my blog). I think you'll love her new blog (I do!!!)